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This document describes the functionality of SAP ECTR Connector (API to integrate authoring systems).

It enables an external application to call up SAP functions such as "check in," "check out " etc. These are implemented using processes in ECTR, which are partially interactive, that is, require user input.

The most important ECTR processes are available as fully encapsulated methods with this version of the API. Hence, they can be used without any knowledge of the underlying XML communication.

Each application that is connected to ECTR has an application type, which corresponds to the name of the directory of this application in ECTR in the applications directory (for NX e.g. UGS). It is required for ECTR to be able to distinguish the communication between different applications.
For an as yet not defined application that is supposed to support this API, you need to define a separate abbreviation and create the Customizing in ECTR accordingly (generate application directory, generate license key). This document uses [PRIAPPLTYPE] as the placeholder for that.

Document types UGM or UGD, which are frequently used in the examples, refer to Siemens NX. They are configuration-dependent and must be set up in the SAP system you are using. This also includes the UGI workstation application.


The API should not be used directly if an integration already exists for the application.
Please contact the provider for more information.

Low-Level Documentation

Install / Update

Details see here:
How to install / update the Toolkit


The detailed API documentation is available as Javadoc in the SAP ECTR Installation directory:


 Implementation examples - How to`s