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This document describes the functionality of SAP ECTR OSGi.

To create a standardized API for SAP ECTR, a OSGi concept for SAP ECTR 5.1 was introduced. SAP ECTR utilizes an external library in order to implement or consume services via the OSGi framework. The OSGi services on hand allow for the creation of Java extensions for the SAP ECTR frontend.

Extensions can be implemented by third parties (customers, partners, ...).

Low-Level Documentation


The detailed API documentation is available as Javadoc in the SAP ECTR Installation directory:



The JAR-File with the OSGi-Services is located in the SAP ECTR Installation directory:


SAP ECTR OSGi Services

In SAP ECTR there are two categories of OSGi services.
They are listed on the following pages:

OSGi service implementation examples - How to`s

To describe the usage of OSGi services, there are several use cases which are described as "How to`s":