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Starting with support for the Siemens NX 1926 Series in September 2020, the release strategy for SAP ECTR interface to NX changes.

In order to support the semi-annual release cycle of Siemens NX in the best possible way, the release strategy of SAP ECTR interface to NX is now based on this cycle. Previously, the release strategy of SAP ECTR interface to NX was linked to the release of SAP ECTR.

New release strategy overview

Version number update

  • To clarify this change, the Feature Package number in the version jumps to "100".
    (version = {major version}.{minor version}.{feature package}.{patch})
  • The Feature Package number has three digits and describes the supported Siemens NX Series
    • The first two digits are the counter for the Siemens NX Series starting with "10" for NX 1926 Series ("10" = NX Series 1926, "11" = NX Series 1953, ...)
    • The third digit is the counter for the releases in a NX Series starting with "0”


  • About 4 releases per year are planned. The two dates of a new Siemens NX Series are fixed. Between these dates a further release is planned.
  • After the release of a new NX Series by Siemens, we deliver a new release of SAP ECTR interface to NX with support for this NX Series within 8 weeks at the latest.
  • There will still be separate installers for SAP ECTR interface to NX 5.1/1.0 and SAP ECTR interface to NX 5.2/1.1
  • The initial releases are NX and NX
  • The delivery is only done via Feature Packages. For this reason the patch number is always ".0".
  • Further information can be found on the infopage for SAP ECTR interface to NX:


  • Baseline of compatibility of the new release is SAP ECTR 5.2.3.x. / SAP ECTR for SAP S/4HANA 1.1.3.x and SAP ECTR 5.1.16.x / SAP ECTR for SAP S/4HANA 1.0.12.x
  • The SAP ECTR Connector is downward compatible. New functions in a new version of the SAP ECTR interface to NX may not work with an older version of SAP ECTR
  • Compatible SAP ECTR versions are listed in the Release Notes.
  • More detailed information can be found in the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) on the infopage for SAP ECTR interface to NX:
  • There is no check of the installed SAP ECTR Service Package version by the installer. Only the installed minor version - i.e. 5.1/1.0 or 5.2/1.1 - is checked.

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