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Purpose: Create configuration specific additional formats.


To achieve this it is necessary to define the additional format option “SWCONFIG_OPTION” in the default.txt.

Path: %INSTDIR%\applications\slw\customize\config\default.txt

This option control for which configuration an additional format should be created. It can have the values:

  • “0” - active configuration (default)

  • “1” - all configurations

  • “2” - all configurations except SpeedPaks

Sample Configuration
plm.convert.additional.SLW = SWA;SWP
plm.convert.additional.SLW.SWP = PNG
plm.convert.additional.SLW.SWA = PNG
plm.convert.additional.SLW.PNG.Options = SWCONFIG_OPTION
plm.convert.additional.SLW.SWP.PNG.SWCONFIG_OPTION = 1
plm.convert.additional.SLW.SWA.PNG.SWCONFIG_OPTION = 2

This means:

  • For SWP will be PNG’s for all (1) configurations generated
  • For SWA will be PNG’s for all configurations except SpeedPacks generated

Filename pattern

It is possible to use the wildcards “$(SWCONFIGID)” and “$(SWCONFIGNAME)” to define special filenames for the generated additional formats.

  • $(SWCONFIGID) – will be replaced with the internal unique configuration id
  • $(SWCONFIGNAME) – will be replaced with the userdefined configuration name
Sample configuration
plm.convert.additional.SLW.PNG.filenameFormat = Number$(DOCNUMBER)_Type$(DOCTYPE)_Version$(DOCVERSION)_Part$(DOCPART)_$(SWCONFIGNAME)

A filename like this will be generated:


If no filename format is defined the filename for the configuration specific additional format will look like this:


A filename like this will be generated:


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