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if i opend one PDF Document in SAP GUI  in preview mode it all works properly. But when I try to edit this document, the SAP GUI crashes !!! WITHOUT ERROR !!! Also it crashes sometimes during the filling up of the forms in PDF Document from the SAP GUI. Software: SAP GUI for Windows 7400.1.4 1107 Adobe Reader XI Release 11.0.2  I have none discovered ACE.DLL in% WINDIR% \ system32. But I have two ACE.DLL in Acrobat Reader and SAPGUI / 2PDF directories. What surprises me, that s two different versions, maybe this is the KEY for crashes ? I have  change ACE.DLL with each other, but without success. Someone has a suggestion what can it be? 

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  1. Former Member

    Hello Antony,

    i am having the same issue.

    I am on SAP GUI 730,and Adobe acrobat reader DC.

    SAP gui crashes after attaching the PDF in the Disputes.Could you please help me here to fix it