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An overview of QM courses and content.

Welcome to the QM Learning map page, here is a brief overview of the courses offered by SAP for customers and the content.

PLM400 Quality Management

This course is designed to give participants an overview of the SAP applications for quality management. Examples are used to illustrate the QM functions in the system. This course is a prerequisite for the subsequent detailed courses in the quality management area.
The SAP quality management applications are a part of the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning and the SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions.

PLM405 Quality Inspections

This course covers the processing of QM-specificbasic data, as well as the details of inspection planning. Participants learn how basic data is used in different task lists and see the effect of the basic data on the inspection process.
The course focuses on QM-related processes in inspection processing.

PLM410 Quality Notifications

This course covers the possible uses of quality notifications in procurement, in production and when processing customer problems. The many uses of the notification system are highlighted in this course by using examples such as general notifications and the possibility to process notifications on the internet.

PLM412 Quality Planning and Inspection

This course covers the processing of QM-specific basic data and provides details about inspection planning and how to carry out an inspection. Participants will learn how basic data is used in different tasklists and see the effect of the basic data on the inspection process.
In addition, this course describes the possible uses of quality notifications and the different evaluation and reporting possibilities in quality management.
This course replaces the courses PLM405 and PLM410.

PLM415 QM in Procurement

This course will prepare participants to understand quality assurance and the different process variants for the quality inspection in the procurement process. Participants learn which procedures are used for a quality related vendor release and how manufacturer processing is linked to QM. It will also help understand the integration of quality management in the sales process.

PLM420 QM in Discrete Manufacturing

This course deals with the integration of quality management component in the PP process. It highlights QM-specific features of a quality inspection for orders (Production orders, run schedule headers, maintenance/calibration orders). Participants will get aquainted with the most important settings for orders in QM-processes.

PLM421 QM in the Process Industry

This course will explain the integration of QM in PP-PI processes. Enable participants to plan and perform an inspection during and at the end of production. It wil highlight how to valuate batches from an inspection during production using the inspection results. Participants will also be able to plan and execute stability tests. This course also explains the use of functions for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

PLM425 QM in Sales & Distrbution / Certificates

This course explains the certificates used in the quality management module. Participants are prepared to define their own text elements on a certificate form, create their own data origins for characteristics, set up the certificate profile determination and the output determination and finally describe the most important enhancements for certificate functions.