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There is a scenario;

There are three different vendors, supplying a same material, we inspect a common parameter (E.g. Length) for the material for all three vendors but the specification limits are different for the material for all three vendors,
For Material A, there are three vendors X, Y & Z:

Vendor X limit of length if between 5 to 10 cm.
Vendor Y limit of length if between 5 to 7 cm.
Vendor Z limit of length if between 5 to 15 cm.

We don't want to maintain three different inspection plans.

To incorporate these scenarios in SAP do following steps;

Step: 01.  Create an inspection plan; initially take any one as the specification limit for Length.

Step: 02. Assign material and all three vendors to the task list group counter.

Step: 03. Go to characteristic over view screen, select the MIC attached and click on the DEPENDENT CHARACTERISTIC button .

Step: 04. System will populate a new screen. In this screen system will allow you to enter vendor wise different specification limits to a single MIC.

Step: 05. Whenever the GR will be posted for the vendor. Lot will be generated and the relevant limits will be read by the system at time if result recording.