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Serial Number Management

Serial number is used to uniquely identify each individual of a material or product. Using serial numbers, you can track each individual material during Quality Inspection, goods movement etc.,. In addition, you can use serial numbers as the basis for routine maintenance and plant maintenance. Serial Number Management allows you to distinguish between individual items of material that are managed with a single material number

For example, if quantity is 5, one need to indicate serial numbers of the five items. A report is available to show all movements for a specific serial number.

In this BOK, a basic cycle of usage of serial management is shown in Quality Management  process.

Serial Number Usage in Quality Management

In Quality Management, results recording can be done against each serial number and while taking usage decision, posting will be done for the material against the serial number.


Serial Number profile: Serial number profile four-digit key it defines how and under which conditions a serial number is assigned for a particular material

Path: IMG menu>Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Serial Numbers > Determine Serial Number Profile

Transaction Code : OIS2

For Serial number management to be used in Quality Inspection  & Postings, Serialization Procedure QMSL (Maintain inspection lot) needs to be maintained in the Serial Number Profile as shown below.

Master Data

Transaction Code : MM01/MM02

Serial number profile needs to be updated in the Work Scheduling or Plant dat/stor.2 views of Material Master

Material Master - Work Scheduling view

Material Master - Plant Data/Stor.2 View

Serial number poss. Indicator to be active in the inspection setup (QM view of Material Master)

Material Master – Inspection setup

Quality Inspection – Inspection Lot Selection

Transaction Code: QA32 - Inspection Lot Selection

Enter Plant & execute for list of inspection lots to be displayed

Quality Inspection – Result Recording

Transaction Code: QA32/ QE51N

Select Inspection Lot & click on Results icon as shown

In the next screen, Select Inspection characteristic & click on detail icon as shown

In the next screen, Enter results against the each of the serial numbers (1 to 5) as shown below.

Click on Valuate the results after recording the values as shown below.

Each serial number will be valuated.

Once valuated, close the characteristic  as shown & SAVE.

Characteristic Status after closure

Quality Inspection – Usage Decision

Transaction Code – QA32/QA11/QA12

Select the inspection lot & Click on Usage decision icon as shown for taking usage decision & postings.

Enter the Usage decision code. In the Characteristics Tab, serial number is displayed for the rejected value as shown below.

In the Inspection lot stock Tab, Enter the quantity to be posted.

In the pop-up, Enter the serial numbers to be posted for Unrestricted  stock.

Enter the serial numbers to be posted for Blocked stock.