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It´s possible to create Status Reports:

  1. Based on Adobe interactive forms with PDF print form DPR_STATUS_REPORT_AIF. In this case only Internet Explorer 11 can be used as a browser. Other browsers like Chrome, Edge and Firefox cannot be used to display the status report with PDF print form DPR_STATUS_REPORT_AIF.
    Using Adobe Interactive forms - follow up the steps as described in KBA 2661105 "Project Management Status Report cannot be created" to use interactive forms.

  2. Based on Static forms - without interactive forms.  In this case other browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Edge can also be used but this functionality is available from specific SPs - as Precondition.
    Details are available under: Replacement of Adobe Interactive Forms

    To use a static form ensure that print form DPR_STATUS_REPORT_STATIC is assigned to the relevant project type in customizing activity "Activate Forms per Project Type".
    (SPRO: SAP Portfolio and Project Management > Project Management > Basic Settings > Forms for Printing and for Project Status Reports > Activate Forms per Project Type > PDF Print Form).
    Flags "Active" and "Status Rpt" must be set for this form, the other flags must not be set. Also ensure that flag "Status Rpt" is not set for any forms other than DPR_STATUS_REPORT_STATIC.
    Details are available in KBA 3060580 "Project Status Report without Interactive Forms cannot be created".

    To use custom PDF forms - see SAP Note 2863215 - Consulting Note : Create custom PDF forms for status reports.

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