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When working with WebUI DMS functionalities for uploading and downloading files the design used the ACF JAVA applet in the past. As JAVA support is getting more and more limited in browsers there was the need to have a replacement for this ACF applet logic. This ACF replacement uses the same OData service CV_ATTACHMENT_SERVICE which is also used in Fiori apps for upload and download functionalities and therefore the below explained steps are also valid checkpoints for Fiori app issues as well. 


the implementation of ACF Replacement is performed with SAP Note 2292433 but users are not able to Upload (or) Download originals in PLM WebUI applications that use Document Management System. Common symptoms are:

  1. The 'Browse' button is not shown when users try to upload files to a Document
  2. When users try to download an original by clicking on the hyperlink, nothing happens.


  1. SAP Note 2292433 is implemented (or) system is upgraded to latest Service Pack of EHP8 (or) S/4 HANA releases (1511 and above)
  2. The ACF Replacement functionality is enabled with the BAdI implementation DOCUMENT_SWITCH_CHECK. Refer SAP Note 2086849 to create BAdI implementation and enable the switch 'PLM_ACF_REPLACEMENT'


After the BAdI implementation is performed, please perform the below steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Open the PLM WebUI Document Management application (Create/Change/Display mode) and navigate to the browser console (F12)
  2. In the console, enter the command "sap.ui.version" (without quotes). The system should return the UI5 version installed on the machine. If it does not return the version, UI5 service is not activated
    • Please activate the UI5 service in SICF (default_host/sap/public/bc/ui5_ui5) - The service must be activated in the system where PLM WebUI is present
  3. The OData service CV_ATTACHMENT must be activated and metadata should be loaded. The OData service must be activated in the system where PLM WebUI is present (backend)
  4. If Personas are enabled (for other applications), then for Document Management, Personas must be disabled. This is because Personas load UI5 library again, leading to loading UI5 library twice and causing inconsistency. To disable Personas for PLM Applications that use Document Management, please follow the steps below:
    •  Execute transaction SE80
    •  In the repository browser, choose 'Development Object'
    •  For Document Management (Create/Change/Display Documents) in PLM WebUI, the application is /PLMU/WDA_DIR_OIF. Enter the same
    •  In the tree, navigate to /PLMU/UI_DIR->Web Dynpro->FPM Applications->/PLMU/WDA_DIR_OIF->Double click on the same
    •  On the right-hand side, navigate to tab 'Parameters'
    •  Enter the Parameter WD_DISABLE_PERSONAS with value X
    •  For other applications, please raise a ticket to the corresponding component to know the corresponding FPM Application that uses Document Management System in WebUI (Web Dynpro)
  5.  On similar lines, the Parameter WDPOPUPHANDLING must be added with value IFRAME for the respective PLM WebUI applications (including /PLMU/WDA_DIR_OIF
  6.  After the above steps, for releases S/4HANA 1709 and above, please ensure SAP Note 2754727 is implemented

If the issue is still reproducible after performing the above steps, please raise a ticket to the component PLM-WUI-OBJ-DMS to further investigate the issue. For a speedy analyses please ensure that for this ticket the R/3 and HTTP connection is opened and valid logon data is maintained. Further it would help us a lot to get the URL mentioned in the ticket.

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