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QAKLSingle value results in value classes
QALSInspection lot record (batch)
QAMBLink Between Inspection Lot and Material Document
QAMRCharacteristic results during inspection processing
QAMVCharacteristic specifications for inspection processing
QAPPInspection Point
QASESingle value results
QASRSample results for inspection characteristics
QASVSample specifications for inspection processing
QAVEInspection processing: Usage decision
QCVKCertificate profile header
QCVMCertificate profile characteristic level
QCVMTCertificate profile characteristic level: texts
QDPSInspection stages for a dynamic modification rule
QDQLQuality level
QINFQM-info record for material and vendor
QMATInspection type – material parameters
QMELQuality notification
QMFEQuality notification – items
QMHUhandling units (connected to inspection lot)  
QMIHQuality message – maintenance data excerpt
QMMAQuality notification – activities
QMSMQuality notification – tasks
QMURQuality notification – causes
QPMKInspection characteristic master
TQ80Notification types
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