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CLHPGraphical Hierarchy Maintenance
CL20NAssign Object to Classes
CL24NAssign Objects/Classes to Class
CL22NAssign Class to Superior Classes
CL26Mass Release of Assignments
CLMMMass Change for Assigned Values
CL30NFind Objects in Classes
CL31Find Object In Class Type
CT10Characteristics List
CT12Where-Used List for Characteristics/Characteristic Values
CT25Where-Used List of Chars in Dependencies with any Status
CL6ANClass List
CL6DClasses Without Superior Class
CL6CClass Hierarchy
CL6BNObject List
CL6OObject Comparison
CL2AClassification Status
CL6EApply DIN Standard
CL6FApply Characteristics Data
CL6GMaterial from Standard
CLSTCreate Statistics
CLGTSet Up Tables for Search
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