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The following tutorials are available for you to learn about the product compliance scenario. Simply click on a screen to start the corresponding tutorial. We hope you enjoy the demonstrations.


Invite & Connect to Customers and Suppliers  


Discover how you can quickly search all companies registered on SAP Product Stewardship Network, connect to customers and suppliers and send invitations to the suppliers who aren't members – all with a click of the mouse.
[Length: 5:01]


Exchange Product Declarations (REACH SVHC)


Learn how you can create and send declaration requests for your suppliers' components and create and publish declarations for your own products containing a REACH SVHC.
[Length: 6:38]




Exchange Product Declarations (EU ROHS)


Learn how you can create and publish declarations for your own products containing a EU ROHS substance, how to assign a suppliers`component declaration and how to check, who has assigned your product declaration.

[Length: 6:23]


Create a Family Declaration



Learn how to create family declarations for products that share the same regulatory compliance status, and publish them to your customers.

[Length: 3:cc]


Regulatory Content & Community


See how to access current regulatory content and collaborate with a growing network of experts in the SAP Product Stewardship Community.
[Length: 5:34]


Staying Up to Date With Current Regulations





Learn how to update product declarations when the regulatory content has been changed.

[Length: 3:53]

 More Information


Product Compliance - Getting Started

SAP Product Stewardship Network - Product Compliance supports product manufacturers in requesting and creating product REACH and RoHS declarations. 


First Steps - Product Compliance

Understand the basics of the application and how you can use it best for your business.


FAQs - Product Compliance

Get answers to frequently asked questions and find tips how to operate the application.

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