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This wiki page describes the Userexits and BAdIs available in Batch Management.


The batch Management functionality is integrated with several different business areas. Therefore, there are BAdIs and Userexits available in different programs. 

Important Notes

  • To access the BAdIs you can use transaction SE18. Then, copy and paste the BAdI name. 
  • To access the userexits you can use transaction SE37. Then, copy and paste the userexit name. 
  • Function Modules VB_CREATE_BATCH and VB_CHANGE_BATCH are the responsible for create and change batches internally.
  • Standard batch characteristics are those which begins with letters “LOBM_”.

Batch Master


It is called in MSC1N and MSC2N to validate user’s input.

  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_013

It is called in Function Modules VB_CREATE_BATCH and VB_CHANGE_BATCH to set/change master data. It is also called in transaction MIGO.

  • EXIT_SAPMM07M_003

It is called in MM coding (MB1A, MB1B, MB1C, etc) but only for new batches.

Batch Classification

  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_012

It is called in Function Modules VB_CREATE_BATCH and VB_CHANGE_BATCH to determine whether classification and exits should be executed. In other words, it’s possible make the system ignore the classification routines. Just set the parameters TYPE_OF_CLASSIFYING and EXTENDED_CLASSIFYING accordingly.

  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_014

It’s called in VB_CREATE_BATCH and VB_CHANGE_BATCH to set/change free characteristics. Free characteristics are those that do not begin with “LOBM_”.

  • EXIT_SAPMM07M_004

It is used to fill the classification data in MM transactions.

Batch Numbering – Internal

  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_001

Replacement of the number range, decision for internal or external numbering.

  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_002

Assignment of customer-specific batch number. Also used to assign an existing batch (allow_existing_batch) via VB_CREATE_BATCH.

  • EXIT_SAPMM07M_010

Called in MM coding to assign existing batches.

Batch numbering – External

  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_003

Replacement of the number range, decision customer-specific check.

  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_004

Check of batch number based on customer rules.

Batch Status Management

  • EXIT_SAPLV01D_001

Determination of the initial status of a batch.

SLED Management


It’s used to set VFDAT/HSDAT and switch off SLED management.


It has similar functionality as BAdI VB_SLED_MANAGEMENT

Batch Information Cockpit


Add additional columns to selection result master and selection result stock.


Allows defining actions for batches in the selection result (for example, change of batch status).


Definition of custom selection screen and selection logic.

Batch Where-Used List


Allows fine-tuning the selection for each object (batch, PO, production order).


Pre-determines plant for the selection screen of BWUL.


Allows reading external batches for a subcontracting process.


Allows filling additional columns into Batch Where-Used List.


  1. Allows to activate/deactivate derivation during goods movement;
  2. Allows to set parameter ‘current senders only’;
  3. Changes BWUL explosion and BWUL result;
  4. Changes values of derived fields/characteristics.

Batch Determination


Can be used instead of the standard selection to select batches from stock. It’s important to point out that the standard batch selection won’t work after the BAdI activation.


It is used to change the selection criteria (it will generate a new CUOBJ).

  • EXIT_SAPLV01F_001

It is used to change the selection criteria (will generate a new CUOBJ)

  • EXIT_SAPLV01F_002

Allows changing the communication structures BDCOM, KOMKH, KOMPH. These structures are used in function module VB_BATCH_DETERMINATION. For more information you can access document

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