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Custom fields must be added to the include of one of the following structures:

/RPM/ITEM_D/RPM/TS_ITEM_D_DATA_CUSTItem Detail Customer Fields
/RPM/BUCKET_D /RPM/TS_BUCKET_DATA_CUSTCustomer specific bucket data
/RPM/DECISION_D /RPM/TS_DECISION_DATA_CUSTDecision Point Object Customer Fields
/RPM/REVIEW_D /RPM/TS_REVIEW_DATA_CUSTCustomer Specific Review Data
/RPM/WHATIF_D/RPM/TS_WHATIF_DATA_CUSTCustomer Specific What if Data

Follow up the steps as described in the following KBAs to use a custom field in PFM (also available in Dashboard):

KBA 2621839 - Using a custom field (Z-field) in a Portfolio Item
KBA 2548063 - Custom field as Checkbox/Drop-Down-Field/with Search Input Help/with Calendar Input
KBA 2281603 - Display a custom field of table /RPM/ITEM_D_DER in an Item

KBA 2842492 - ATS-Dashboard: Icon for custom field isn´t displayed
KBA 2003362 - "Total Score" in a Scoring Model isn´t displayed for a customer field
KBA 2713625 - Item dashboard dumps when Icons are added to custom fields

Also see Wiki


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