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This article will highlight new functionalities for SAP Engineering Control Center 5.2 and SAP ECTR 1.1 for S/4HANA.

For older version 5.1 and 1.0 please refer to What's new in SAP ECTR 5.1 and SAP ECTR 1.0 for SAP S4HANA.

Regarding functionality ECTR 5.2.1 is similar to ECTR S/4 1.1.1 and 5.2.2 corresponds to 1.1.2 and so on. 

Some remarks upfront

ECTR 5.2 and ECTR S4 1.1 are new releases containing their own ABAP backend and their own JAVA frontend.

The JAVA frontend is based on SapMachine, a JAVA 11 based VM.

The ABAP backend consists of one ABAP component "ECTR". In the previous release 5.1 there were two ABAP components: "ECTR" and "ECTRWUI".

The ABAP component can now also be uninstalled. See SAP Note 2776914 for uninstalling S4ECTR 110 and 2755064 for uninstalling ECTR 520.

With the new release the system requirements on frontend has been raised:

With the new release the system requirements of the underlying ERP has been raised:

  • SAP ECTR 5.2 requires at least SAP ECC 6.0 EHP8 SP11 (see SAP Note 2049249 section 5. ECTR 520)
  • SAP ECTR 1.1 for S/4 requires at least SAP S/4HANA 1809 (corresponds software component S4CORE 103, see SAP Note 2325172 section 4 S4ECTR 110)

(tick) The ECTR ABAP AddOn (520 and 110) brings all Badi-implementation. So no manual implementation is required.

(warning) There is a new authorization object PLM_START, which is required to start ECTR and any CAD integration. The CAD application can be started from ECTR but the CAD integration will not work if the authorization is not there. 
The authorization must be added to the CAD users PFCG roles, see also SAP Note 2680937 + 2767815 and Improvement Request 204165.

A detailed overview of new features and enhancements can be found in

  • SAP Note 2796899 for SAP ECTR 1.1 for S/4 
  • SAP Note 2779488 for SAP ECTR 5.2

The search of the object can be enabled in default.txt and the menu_macros.txt of the add-on ++changeRecord


5.2.6 / 1.1.6 (July 2022)

General note for the release 5.2.6 / 1.1.6

This release has a total of 196 changes, of which 25 are new features, 75 are improvements and 96 are corrections.

All changes can be read in the SAP Note 2779488

See also a very brief intro video on youtube.

New look&feel of the SAP ECTR UI (PLM-32682, Improvement request 244770)

Modernization of the look&feel of the SAP ECTR UI. All details can be found here: New UI look & feel with SAP ECTR | SAP ECTR for S/4HANA

The standard look&feel of SAP ECTR is now the new Light Theme.

Integration of SAP Product and Process Governance by BDF (PLM-32972)

SAP Product and Process Governance by BDF (PPG) is now integrated into SAP ECTR.

There is a new Installation Option, with the following functionality:

  • Display of Structures created in PPG (Desktop window and PSM window).
  • Launch PPG Structures in a SAP transaction
  • Derive PPG structures based on a bill of documents
  • Dependency: The add-on "psm" is required in the SAP ECTR installation.

Note: If the PSM Window (drag&drop of Structures into the Window) is used, an SAP Engineering Control Center Professional license is registered

Enhanced "Export folder function" to include dependent documents (PLM-26926, Improvement request 232842)

The function (Export Originals (Including Folder Structure)) allows the user to export folder data with the help of export profiles.

To define the content which will be exported, you need to add a parameter to the function Define the parameters in the file %PLM_INSTDIR%\customize\config\exportFolderProfiles.xml. Here, you can specify one or more export profiles.

For details on how to configure exportFolderProfiles.xml see file customize\config\exportFolderProfiles.xml.template

Possibility to copy client configuration to other backend system (PLM-30098, Improvement request 203235,  266076)

You can transport customizing/preferences of ECTR from DEV to QUA to PRD system. By exporting and importing the client configuration you can copy it from one to another system.


Edit and Delete function for Working Directory in Multiple Working Directories - Environment (PLM-30869, Improvement request 268565)

You can delete the additional working directory or edit the name.


This function replaces the previous used function fnc.workdir.change.

URL handler to process macro calls (PLM-31442, Improvement request 263467)

Macros can now be called via URL handler. The PlmUrl has been extended with constants for the RunMacro action (action=runmacro in the URL string) and the macro file name as parameter (macro=<macroFileNameWithExtension> in the URL string).

Example URL:


The macros must be listed in the file url-macro-whitelist.txt.

New Process to derive Bill of Material (BOM) from Bill of Documents in S/4HANA (PLM-31787, Improvement request 253085)

A new functionality to derive Bills of Material was provided with this support package. It supports to exclude and keep children on RES4 or SORTF level, but also to derive based on DMU-information.


# Configuration how to create the bill of material 
# cdesk -
# advancedBom2 - (default)
# advancedBom3 - fnc.derive.mat.bom3 (S/4 only)

plm.mbom.derive.mode = advancedBom3

The default value for S/4 SAP ECTR 1.1 is "advancedBom3".

...\addons\bomDerive3\basis\config\system-default.txt (S/4 only)
plm.mbom.derive.mode = advancedBom3

If you do an update and want to stay with "advancedBom2" you have to change default.txt and add a line:

plm.mbom.derive.mode = advancedBom2

See also BOM Wizard 3.0 - Product Lifecycle Management - Support Wiki ( .

Previews in Assembly Window and ECTR tables (PLM-31824Improvement request 272064, 272330)

A thumbnail preview image is now displayed in the Assembly, Clone, BOM and Application Structure windows as well as in tables. Previews can be switched on and off via the layout manager. The Workstation application EPG must be enhanced with file format png: "*.gif, *.png". 

You can disable thumbnails for specified object types as described in the box below:

plm.table.standard.thumbnail.updater.exclude.list, Default <empty>

# Switching off the preprocessing of preview images for certain object types and operations
# category := {TREE, TABLE}
# operations := {remove_background; crop_image}
plm.thumbnail.preprocessing.operation.disabled.<category>.<dtype/doctype>  = <operations>

More details can be found here:

Soft Limit for CAD File Cache (PLM-32456)

This soft limit means, ECTR will check this limit during startup process and cleanup the Cache to given size. ECTR will not consider this limit during checkout processes and therefore in between the cache size may and probably will grow beyond this soft limit. ECTR will not monitor this limit during its active execution. During the next ECTR startup the cache will be retained (resized) and files are deleted in the loacl cache by the clean process introduced in

plm.cache.softLimit = <soft limit size in MB, 0 means no limit>

Value description for X-plant material status field (PLM-32463, Improvement request 272081, relates also to 230799 and 200796)

Instead of showing only the key for attributes you can also show the description of it. This makes it more user friendly and readable. 

Just add the field in Layout Manager.

Context function to add affected objects of change number to object list (PLM-32464, Improvement request 264334)

An "add affected objects" object list operation is missing in the context menu of a change number.



Context menu to change/display BOM in Desktop Window and BOM Window (PLM-32465, Improvement request 271120)

You can start the transactions CS02 or CS03 from the context menu of a selected BOM item as it is possible for selected Materials.


Possibility to export of multiple top-level documents in EPD collaboration folder (PLM-32633)

It is possible to add more then one toplevel document to a collaboration.

Multiple top documents can now be exported to a directory. Either one after the other via a sequence of single-selection drops or via multi-selection drops. With multi-selection drops, one export process is started per document in the selection.

Function for sending objects to a favorite folder (PLM-32694)

You can now save favorites for objects (document, material, etc.).

Filter for Preferences browser (PLM-33061)

For ECTR admins it is good to know which configuration settings are overwritten customer specific in different config files.

default.txt = true

Subcontainer "In Document Structures (All Versions)" within "Where Used" (PLM-33072, Improvement request 269116)

You can check usages of a specific Document and all its versions in all assemblies (document structures).

default.txt = ...WHEREUSED...

It is not possible to remove the sub-container "...(Other Versions)".

Highlight editable fields in table (PLM-24302)

Editable fields are marked so you can distinguish it from non-editable fields.

No configuration possible.

Scrolling toolbar for context windows to always display all functions (PLM-29198, Improvement Request 261565)

Some toolbar are so full of functions that they can no longer be extended wide enough to access all the functions in the toolbar.

No configuration possible.

Extended personal user folder description with special tokens (PLM-29706, Improvement Request 271512)

The user Folder should not simply be called "Ablage" but accordingly like the user "Ablage Müller".
The description of user's personal folder can now be adapted in dictionary (plm.fld.create.descr.<USERNAME>) with pre-defined tokens:%1 = mangled SAP Username 
%2 = the user's first name e.g. "Joe"%3 = the user's last name e.g.  "Doe"%4 = the user's full name e.g "Joe Doe"%5 = SAP Username "as is" e.g "dj" 

plm.fld.create.descr.<USERNAME>%FOL = Personal folder of %2 %3 (%5)

The final description would then look like: "Personal folder of Joe Doe (dj)"

Adding object information to preview window (PLM-30251, Improvement Request 235231)

With a former improvement request the functionality was implemented to open preview in separate window and while selecting another document the preview is updated as well. This window has been improved to show also object information in the header.
system.gfx.preview.doubleClick.fullscreen = false
system.gfx.preview.doubleClick.useSingleFrame = false

Better performance for "Working Directory" in Desktop window (PLM-30763, Improvement Request 261224, 261254)

Better Performance, when expanding the ECTR Desktop "Working Directory" to see the working directory containers. Getting fast access to information about locally modified and outdated files.
No configuration possible. It exists a switch to disable the new performance optimized process.

New menu entry for working directory to "Delete Files from Working Directory" (PLM-31682)

You want to remove only one file and not the entire contents of the working directory. 

+      = fnc.workdir.operation(DELETE)

Display missing component fields "valid from" and "valid to" at the BOM position (PLM-31715, Improvement Request 269105)

Changes of material BOMs would be quickly recognizable if the additional columns <Valid From> and <Vaild To> were displayed.

No configuration possible.

Enabled <ALT+LEFT> and <ALT+RIGHT> keys for fast backward and forward navigation in Object Browser (PLM-31857, Improvement Request 269120)

Quick navigation within the object browser. Many input devices provide extra buttons for this and could be used for very quick navigation.

No configuration possible.

Possiblity to inherit parent folder classification to new folder (PLM-32036, Idea from

Automatically fill values to some characteristics during new folder creation.

dtype.xml: Dtype for "FOL"
characteristic_assignment_folder = yes

Object list operation to add valid documents to object list by current explosion rule (latest/released/date/ECN) (PLM-32186, Improvement Request 271258)

Enhanced working with object lists. Today we can filter for last document version only while adding documents.

menu.guidef or menu_macros.txt

Shortcut "CRTL+A" to select all objects in a list (PLM-32188, Improvement Request 267285)

Reduce of mouse travel for selecting all objects in a list. Possibility of operation via keyboard.

No configuration possible.

Document open - ask the user which version to load if it differs based on the load option (PLM-32268, Improvement Request 241822, 242002)

When opening a selected DIR version in Desktop Window which deviates from load option (load option=latest, selected= older version), the user shall be asked to continue.

default.txt = true

Show the "exclude from bom" - icon in assembly window for RES4=*WU* (PLM-32269, Improvement Request 264187)

When displaying an assembly there shall be an "X" overlay icon, when a component is marked as "phantom".

No configuration needed.

Button to add default class to search mask (PLM-32272, Improvement Request 222225)

When searching for documents using characteristic values, users no longer have to manually enter the class name, but can use a button add the default class.
For documents the DC10 value is used for the class.

For materials and change numbers a dedicated frontend configuration is needed:
#     plm.mat.class.standard.001 = <classification name>
#     plm.ecm.class.standard = <classification name>

Container top level material where-used for configured plant (PLM-32360, Improvement Request 271352)

You can display which top level material this material is used.

Calling this for often used standard parts can take a while or stop with a timeout.


      # Where used Toplevel group = Where Used MAT_WHEREUSED;SMART_CONT(Mat_Top_WU); SMART_CONT(Mat_Top_WU2) = {0}/sap/folder_closed_white

      # Where used Toplevel for configured plant = Top where used for configured plant = generic_SmartContainer_macro.txt = FM:/DSCSAG/MAT_TOPLEVEL_WHEREUSED = {0}/sap/where_used
      # Where used Toplevel for empty plant = Top where used for empty plant = generic_SmartContainer_macro.txt = FM:/DSCSAG/MAT_TOPLEVEL_WHEREUSED = PLANT = {0}/sap/where_used 

Show description for UNIT fields at material object (PLM-32513, Improvement Request 200796)

The descriptive texts are to be displayed for the units on the material
No configuration needed. 

Value help for document status in document search UI (PLM-32547)

It should be possible to enter a document type and then have only the statuses displayed that match the DOKAR.
No configuration needed.

Language-dependent synchronization of material description in attribute transfer (PLM-32785, Improvement Request 277291)

The synchronization of material descriptions from and to the SAP system is now language-dependent.


    <APPL_ATTRIBUTE name="Test_EN" hidden="false">
      <MA field="MATL_DESC" language="EN"/>
    <APPL_ATTRIBUTE name="Test_DE" hidden="false">
      <MA field="MATL_DESC" language="DE"/>
    <MA field="MATL_DESC" language="DE">
       <APPL_ATTRIBUTE name="Test_DE"/>
    <MA field="MATL_DESC" language="EN">
       <APPL_ATTRIBUTE name="Test_EN"/>

Version replacement info when using Checkout Assistant (PLM-32789, Improvement Request 262496)

When opening an assembly with a version-conflict (load rule = as-saved) using the Checkout Assistant.
No configuration needed.

Separating of configuration between standard and customer specific settings (PLM-32816, Improvement Request 263138)

With this support package, the "customize" directory belongs to the customer and does not have to be merged with the SAP default settings during an update. It is 100% created by a customer and represents 100% the purest difference to the SAP default-settings. There is everything that did not fit the customer in the standard and only that.

Everything defined in "basis" can be overwritten or deactivated in the "customize" directory.
If you want to change some config settings, then never change this in the basis directory, this will be overwritten with the next patch! You must create a directory customize/config in the appropriate addon directory and there in the default.txt or menu.guidef copy the values from the basis and overwrite them.

Remove everything from your customize - directories which is configured with same value in basis directory. To do this you can use the new filter in the preference browser. Menu files need to be compared manually. See PLM-33061.

Display of key and object type when expanding SmartContainer with unknown objects (PLM-32859, Improvement Request 274060)

In case you are using smart containers to display objects, and the object type is "unknown", you can define a default. 

plm.generic.object.allowedAdhocTypes=<the customer table type of the unknown object as returned by smart Z-FM>



Display relevance flags for BOM items (PLM-33295)

The flags REL_COST, REL_ENGIN, REL_PMAINT, REL_PROD, REL_SALES are displayed at the BOM position.

Wrapper OMF "fnc.derive.mat.mbom" for "Derive Bill of Material" (PLM-33513)

There exists now several (historical) functions how a BOM can be derived from a document structure.

This configuration relates to the ballooning - process as well.

menu.guidef or menu_macros.txt
# Configuration how to create the bill of material  
# cdesk -
# advancedBom2 - (default)
# advancedBom3 - fnc.derive.mat.bom3 (S/4 only)

plm.mbom.derive.mode = advancedBom3 /

General note for the release /

This release has a total of 36 changes, of which 1 is a new feature, 11 are improvements and 24 are corrections.

All changes can be read in the SAP Note 2779488

Function to set / unset BOM Derive options in SORTF and RES4 fields (PLM-31858, improvement request 263620 and 263626)

You can set or unset the BOM Derive options for the SORTF and RES4 fields in SAP ECTR.

SAP Note 3111180 is a prerequisite for this feature. After the SAP Note is installed in the backend, the function can be configured in the file menu.guidef which can be found in the directory customize\config.

+ om.custom.tool.ctx_ass =
= -----------------------------
= fnc.set.explosion.parameters
= -----------------------------

The icons can be configured in the file customer_icons.txt, which can be found in the directory customize\aux-files.

fnc.set.explosion.parameters = {0}/sap/bill_of_material_item_suppressed

Window "Add from Clipboard" does not remember last size (PLM-32476, improvement request 271259)

This improvement enhances the user experience of the function "Add from Clipboard".
If the user changes the size of a window, SAP ECTR will remember the window size after a restart.

5.2.5 / 1.1.5

General note for the release 5.2.5 / 1.1.5

This release has a total of 31 changes, of which 4 are new features, 14 are improvements and 13 are corrections.

All changes can be read in the SAP Note 2779488

Set dirty flag when replacing primary file (PLM-30505, Improvement Request 254859)

This Feature improves the drag and drop handling of files.

While this feature is active if a user replaces a primary file of a document info record it will flagged dirty.

Before drag&drop:

During Drag&Drop


After Drag&Drop:

To activate this feature you have to change the dtype settings in the dtype.xml.

<replace_primary_file dirty_flag="yes">

Provide current Descriptions in all languages to F4 Help in Copy As dialog (PLM-30506,  Improvement Request 255790)

This feature improves the workflow of copying documents for the user. Now the user can call the F4 Help in the copy dialog and all short descriptions of the template document will be displayed.

The languages allowed in this feature can be defined in the default.txt

# Semicolon separated list of supported languages for document creation and editing
# List of Languages: DE;EN;FR;...

plm.control.document.languages = DE;EN


Show material in fiori UI (PLM-31069)

This feature allows the user to view materials in the Fiori UI. 

This feature has to be configured in a menu file (menu.guidef or menu_macros.txt) and in the api_definitions.xml

= fnc.api.generic2(FLP_GEN_MATERIAL_MANAGE)
<!-- Material manage FLP -->
<function apiname="/DSCSAG/FLP_URL_CREATE" 
    <parameter name="IV_OBJECT" string="Material"/>
    <parameter name="IV_ACTION" string="manage"/>
    <parameter name="IV_URL_DISPLAY" string=""/>
    <table foreach_object="false" name="IT_PARAMETERS">
      <parameter name="NAME" string="Material"/>
      <parameter name="VALUE" value="MATERIALNUMBER_EXT"/>

New OSGi event provides info con-cerning new unread SAP mails / workflows (PLM-31448,  Improvement Request 266862)

This feature provides the ability to perform customer specific action on unread SAP mails and work-flows.

This function is an extension of the OSGi interface. To activate this function, an OSGi development must be performed for the event

CAD environment check (PLM-26904, Improvement Request 232157)

This improvement enables the splitting of the environment check. When enabled, the CAD environment and CAD version are checked separately. This allows working with multiple CAD versions but separating the CAD environments.

To enable this feature the CAD environment check has to be enabled in the default.txt

# CAD Environment Checker
# You can use the following preference variables to control CAD environments:
# Controls whether an environment check is performed for the application
# plm.check.environment.<APPL_TYPE> = true / false

If the CAD environment check is enabled, you must additionally set the preference "plm.check.environment.checkCadVersion.<APPL_TYPE>" in the default.txt.

# Set whether the CAD version should also be checked when checking the CAD environ-ment.
# plm.check.environment.checkCadVersion.<APPL_TYPE> = true (default)

Menu entries for working directory to "cancel edit", "revert", ... (PLM-30230, Improvement Request 226514)

This improvement allows the user to process files from specific working directories with working directory function individually.

To enable this improvement the menu functions have to be configured in the menu.guidef.

+    = fnc.workdir.operation(REVERT)
                                             = fnc.workdir.operation(DELETE)

+ = fnc.workdir.operation(CHECKIN)
                                             = fnc.workdir.operation(CANCEL)

+        = fnc.workdir.operation(CHECKIN)
                                             = fnc.workdir.operation(CANCEL)

Possibility to set explosion option for MBOM wizard (PLM-31167, Improvement Request 264186)

This improvement allows the user to set the explosion rules for the MBOM Wizard.

Show localized quantity units in the MBOM Wizard dialog (PLM-31174)

This improvement shows the user the localized quantity units in the MBOM Wizard dialog.

Made maximum hits editable in Quicksearch (PLM-31224)

This improvement allows the user to set the maximum hits of the Quicksearch while working with ECTR.

To enable this improvement the following preference has to be set in the default.txt.

# Enable the user to define the maximum search hits of the quick search in the quick search toolbar. = true

Saving of a snapshot when saving an assembly (PLM-30066, Improvement Request 256333) (SAP ECTR 1.1 for S/4 only)

When saving an assembly file, all directly used child components and their Document Info Record versions are persisted. Later you can use that information to recover the specific iteration of the assembly and its component versions.

You can open a specific content version of your assembly. The child components are determined by using the stored document info record associated with the content version of the assembly. The content version of the component is determined using the date compared (equal or older) to the date of the selected top level content version.
This algorithm will be used recursively across a multilevel structure. All determined content versions are downloaded into a new working directory.

When using this feature, please add the PFCG authorization object PLM_CADEXR.

Please turn on "content version" in transaction DC30.

To add the menu entry into the context menu add to your menu_macros.txt.

? DOC_GENERAL                 =
                              = -----------------------------
                              = -----------------------------

To use snapshots for assemblies as well, you have to switch on the saving of iteration structures:

# Switch on implicit saving of iteration structures during save 
# true = switched on (costs some time)
# false = switched off (default)

5.2.4 / 1.1.4 

General note for the release 5.2.4 / 1.1.4

This release has a total of 144 changes, of which 20 are new features, 64 are improvements and 60 are corrections.

All changes can be read in the SAP Note 2779488

SAP ECTR 5.2 is available on SAP ECC6.0 EHP7 (Improvement Request 255687)

SAP ECTR 5.2.4 is also supported to run on SAP ECC6.0 EHP7. You have to deploy a new ABAP backend component ECTR 515 on top of your SAP ECC6.0 EHP7 SP18+.

"Copy as new document part" to create new document part from template (PLM-21069)

This function allows the user to create new part documents from a template. For example, documentation in different languages can be easily maintained with this function.

You can define it in menu_macro.txt or menu.guidef.

? DOC_DOC ...

Visualize checkout conflicts and actions - aka "Checkout assistant" (PLM-23020, Improvement Request 201055201051207956)

This feature helps the user to identify problems faster when opening documents for viewing or editing. Now, a dialog is displayed for the user, showing all documents that cause conflicts and providing options for resolving these conflicts.

The functions can be specified in menu_macro.txt or menu.guidef.



Display all necessary property and flag data for selected object (PLM-24227)

For the administrator, this function simplifies the setup of functionalities that require technical information about object properties and flag data and displays them in one dialog.

This function can be specified in menu_macro.txt or menu.guidef.

+ ...

Bill of Material as "major" object (PLM-25842, Improvement request 208016 and 206382)

This feature allows the user to treat the material BOM as a major object. This facilitates various actions with the material BOM, for example, it can now be searched and assigned to a folder.

The material BOM major object is available to the user by default.

The search of the object can be enabled for S/4 systems in default.txt and the menu_macros.txt of the add-on ++changeRecord under customize\config.

# Search help

(warning) You have to upload the changed settings to Backend with admin function "Upload settings to SAP system".


New search function for generic objects (PLM-28327)

This feature allows the administrator to define generic searches. These searches can be used in various functions, such as adding objects to folders.

How to configure this feature can be seen in the example of the material BOM object.

The configuration for a generic search has to be done in a default.txt

# Search help
SAP.PLM.searchhelp.<SEARCH_HELP>.tabletype = <tabletype>
SAP.PLM.searchhelp.<SEARCH_HELP>.keyfields = <fields>

(warning) You have to upload the changed settings to Backend with admin function "Upload settings to SAP system".

See also: How to easy search with SAP search help

Example with BOM:

# Search help

Open active folder automatically upon start (PLM-29529, Improvement request 249735)

This function allows the administrator to set functions that are executed after startup. 

For example, the "Find Active Folder" function can be set here.

This function can be configured in customize\config\default.txt . By default the function "Find Active Folder" is set.

# These listed functions will be called step by step right after start of ECTR.
# Allowed functions:
# Customer specific functions which don't need any selection are possible as well.
# = fnc_code1; fnc_code2 =

Filter function in Layout Manager (PLM-30105, Improvement request 244515)

This function allows the user to search via a text search when setting the layout in the layout manager.

Context menu entries in Application Structure View window for application-specific types (PLM-30110, Improvement request 230382)

This feature allows an application-dependent configuration of the Application Structure View menu. This allows for example CAD integration specific menus.

To configure this function, adjustments must be made to default.txt and menu.guidef.

+<FunctionGroup> = <menu functions>
# Configures Functiongroup for INSOB structure nodes in ASV
# default: ApplType of structure nodes
plm.structure.node.insob.fgroup.<APPL_TYPE> = <FunctionGroup>

New node "All Documents" to "Working Directory" container in Desktop (PLM-30145, Improvement request 226055)

This new node shows all Document Info Record which are currently in the working directory.

Search help for engineering record (PLM-30157, Improvement request 241448 and 256435)

This feature allows the user to search engineering records via smart lists.

Transfer values between document and material (PLM-30192, Improvement request 214754 and 227103)

This function allows the user to transfer characteristic values from documents to materials.

To set up this function, attribute sections must be defined in the attributes-from-sap.xml and the attribu-tes-to-sap.xml.

<section name="TransferSource" description="Metadata transfer">
  <APPL_ATTRIBUTE name="SAP_DESCRIPTION" hidden="false">
    <DIR field="Description"/>
<section name="TransferTarget" description="Metadata transfer">
  <MA field="MAKT-MAKTX">
    <APPL_ATTRIBUTE name="SAP_DESCRIPTION" hidden="false"/>

Furthermore, the function must be configured in the menu.guidef or menu_macros.txt.

menu.guidef or menu_macros.txt
    = fnc.doc.metadata.transfer(TransferSource,TransferTarget)

Edit properties during document cloning process (PLM-23218, Improvement request 206264)

This improvement of the cloning process allows the user to always change editable properties also in the cloning dialog.

Make users more aware of new items in SAP Mail Inbox (PLM-23258, Improvement request 207190)

This improvement makes it easier for the user to see if there are new SAP mails in the inbox. If the user has new SAP mail, a dirty flag is now displayed on the mail icon.

Material creation UI to enable mixed material creation (PLM-25172, Improvement request 216787)

This improvement enables the user to use mixed material creation. The user can enter a prefix for the material number creation and a placeholder symbol like "*".

To configure the mixed material creation set the DType option material_number_assignment to the new value "exit_mixed".

<DType type="template"
       <material_create ...

Search order for function OmfFindObjectInFolderStructure (PLM-27157, Improvement request 232227)

The OmfFindObjectInFolderStructure function has been replaced by the OmfFindObjInSubtree function. This change allows the user to perform the search for documents in the folder structure more accurately, as he is now given only a selection of documents that are present in the structure.

This feature is configured by using the new search macro search_docs_in_subtree.txt, this macro should be configured in customize\scripts\macros

p = GET_MASK_INPUT( "STANDARD_DOC", "doc.mask.title", "DOC")


// collect documents
resolveParameter = PARAMETER_MAP()
resolveParameter.LOADOPTION = "LV"
resolveParameter.IV_MAX_DEPTH = "5"
resolveParameter.OBJECT_TYPE = "DRAW"


// get user input
p = GET_MASK_INPUT("STANDARD_DOC", "doc.mask.title", "DOC")

// exclude folders
folderTypes = READ_PREFERENCE("plm.folder.types")
.map(type => "!" + type)

p.DOCUMENTTYPE = p.DOCUMENTTYPE + ";" + folderTypes
p.DOCUMENTTYPE = folderTypes

p.DOCUMENTPART = "!SFL" // exclude SmartFolders

setId2 = FILTER(setId1, "DOC", p)

keylist = KEYLIST_FROM_SET(setId2)

// process max row
if (p.MAXROWS && keylist.length > p.MAXROWS)
keylist = keylist.slice(0, p.MAXROWS)

menu.guidef or menu_macros.txt
+ om.custom.tool.FLD.ctx_desk ...

Consider preferences variable "plm.appl.start.omAction" during autostart of CAD application (PLM-27495, Improvement request 222625)

This improvement allows the administrator to use the settings of the preference plm.appl.start.omAction also for the autostart of the CAD application. So they can use this preference to set the behavior of SAP ECTR to the CAD application, even if both applications are started at the same time.

Enhanced search function in macros to support the search for equipment and functional locations (PLM-29293, Improvement Request 214275)

This improvement allows the use of search macros in different ways of searching Functional Location and Equipment.

To use this improvement, you can use the following search types in the search macros.

# EQUIR - Address selection (service)
# EQUIA - Equipment by asset number
# EQUIC - Equipment by cost center
# EQUID - Equipment by customer (operator)
# EQUIF - Equipment by technical ID number
# EQUIO - Material Serial Number
# EQUIT - Equipment by short text
# EQUIW - Equipment by PRT group
# EQUIZ - Equipment by Fleet Identification Data

Functional Location
# IFLMA - Asset
# IFLMC - Cost center
# IFLMH - Uppermost FunctLocs by StructIndicator
# IFLMI - Uppermost FunctLocs by category
# IFLMK - Uppermost FunctLocations by company area
# IFLML - Uppermost FunctLocations by location
# IFLMR - Address
# IFLMT - Text (= Description)

Limit for containers with many items (PLM-29528, Improvement request 250032 and 252401)

This enhancement allows the user to limit the amount of objects displayed in a container. This limitation of the display quantity is also object type specific.

To configure this improvement, the preference plm.container.limit.<OBJECTTYPE>.<CONTAINERNAME> has been introduced. The setting of this preference can be done via default.txt or option.xml.

Examples of configuration for the OLINKS and WHEREUSED containers can be found in options.xml.

<card name="Container_limit" label="container.limit.title" tooltip="plm.genoptions.ectr.container.limit.tooltip">
  <option prefname="plm.container.limit" type="long" la-bel="plm.container.limit.label" tooltip="plm.container.limit.tooltip" maxchars="5"/>
  <option prefname="plm.container.limit.OLINKS" type="long" la-bel="plm.container.limit.OLINKS.label" tooltip="plm.container.limit.OLINKS.tooltip" maxchars="5"/>
  <option prefname="plm.container.limit.WHEREUSED" type="long" la-bel="plm.container.limit.WHEREUSED.label" tooltip="plm.container.limit.WHEREUSED.tooltip" maxchars="5"/>

Define description for primary file with DType configuration (PLM-29530, Improvement request 249841)

This improvement allows the administrator to define the description of main files in DType. The new attribute "description" for the DType element "primary_application" has been introduced.

To enable this feature for certain DTypes, the new attribute "description" must be added to each respective DType.

<primary_application ...

Harmonized table display for "Add from Clipboard" and "Version Selection" (PLM-29531, Improvement request 232228)

This enhancement harmonizes views of table dialogs such as for the function Add from Clipboard with the document icons.

Improvements for BOM Wizard frontend UI

Added values for material fields (PLM-29764, Improvement request 253085)

This improvement makes it easier for the user to recognize the material information in the BOM Wizard dialog.

The user can customize the layout of the table in the BOM Wizard dialog to display the desired information.

Added explanation of split screen (PLM-29765, Improvement request 253085)

This enhancement adds a title line for the table in the BOM Wizard dialog, allowing the user to more accu-rately identify what is currently displayed in the table.

Default layout for table and tree (PLM-29766 , Improvement request 253085)

With this improvement, the default layout of the table in the BOM Wizard dialog has been revised for easier overview of the information for the user.

Display error messages from DERIVE FM (PLM-29767, Improvement request 253085)

This enhancement introduces a status bar in the BOM Wizard dialog, via this bar, important messages of the SAP system are displayed to the user, which are output during processing by the backend.

Support of multi selection for macro KEYLIST_FROM_REFOBJ (PLM-30184 , Improvement request 257578)

This improvement allows the user to define macros to determine whether they can handle multi-selection. Here, the function KEYLIST_FROM_REFOBJ was extended by the parameter multiSelection.

When creating a macro, it is now possible to pass Boolean values to the function whether multi-selection is allowed or not.


Integration of Collaboration Window with SAP Enterprise Product Development (EPD) Collaboration

You can now login into EPD-Collaboration (formerly know as IPD - Intelligent Product Development) with a new authorization mechanism and use it for sharing files with externals.

(warning) Please be aware, that IPD as "predecessor" is phased out. So if using the new EPD-collaboration capability, you need to have at least ECTR 1.1.4 / 5.2.4.

Integration of software management solutions

Software components or build results can be retrieved from a Jenkins build server and transferred to SAP as Document Info Records and Material Masters. In SAP S/4HANA a software object is created as well.

See also roadmap explorer /

General note for the release /

This release has a total of 50 changes, of which 13 are improvements and 37 are corrections.

All changes can be read in the SAP Note 2779488

Display of original information in desktop window (PLM-29171, Improvement Request 231448)

This improvement allows the user to show creation and change informations of originals in the Desktop window and the Object Browser originals tab.


To active this improvement the user has only the add the columes originals layout via the change Tree Layout Manager of the Desktop window.

Compare and align preference variables in default.txt and Configuration Guide (PLM-29371, Improvement Request 229580)

This improvement aligns the preference variables in the documentation and the default configuration.
This should help the administrator to find desired preferences and the corresponding configuration files.

Digitally signed ECTR's EXE files (PLM-29684, Improvement Request 252579)

This improvement signs all Exe files from SAP Engineering Control Center.
Please note that the SAP ECTR installation also contains third party software such as Java, which is not signed by DSC Software AG.

5.2.3 / 1.1.3

General note for the release 5.2.3 / 1.1.3

This release has a total of 89 changes, of which 19 are new features, 36 are improvements and 34 are corrections.

All changes can be read in the SAP Note 2779488

Known issues

Please be aware, that there are some minor issue with 

Doc BOM Comparison based on transaction CS14 (PLM-23096, Improvement Request 202860Improvement Request 236846)

This feature allows the user to compare document structures from two different document info records.


<!-- /DSCSAG/DOC_CS14 Transaction Call-->
<function apiname="/DSCSAG/DOC_CS14" name="DSC_BOM_CS14" transaction="bright" background="true" type="document" getecm="document" multiselection="true">
    <!--<parameter name="IV_P_VALID_FROM" string=""/>-->
    <!--<parameter name="IV_P_CHANGE_NO" value="CHANGENUMBER_INT"/>-->
    <parameter name="IV_P_REV_LVL" string=""/>
    <!--<parameter name="IV_S_VALID_FROM" string=""/>-->
    <!--<parameter name="IV_S_CHANGE_NO" value="CHANGENUMBER_INT"/>-->
    <parameter name="IV_S_REV_LVL" string=""/>
    <table foreach_object="true" name="IT_DOC_KEYS">
      <parameter name="DOCUMENTNUMBER" value="DOCUMENTNUMBER_INT"/>
      <parameter name="DOCUMENTTYPE" value="DOCUMENTTYPE"/>
      <parameter name="DOCUMENTPART" value="DOCUMENTPART"/>
      <parameter name="DOCUMENTVERSION" value="DOCUMENTVERSION"/>

= fnc.api.generic2(DSC_BOM_CS14)

Classification search with class-independent search for objects via characteristics (PLM-23169, Improvement Request 207439

This feature allows the user to create searches with macros and search masks that are class-independent.

To create a search mask for this feature a mask of the type undefined has to be created and the field Class-independent characteristic area has to be added.


customize\config\default.txt = MERK

Shattered VEV viewing support (PLM-26797, Improvement Request 205472)

This feature allows the user to display shattered viewables in the SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer.

Configuration: see SAP Wiki article How to configure shattered viewing

Enable search for documents via given material number (PLM-27421, Improvement Request 227030)

This feature enables the user to search documents based on its material number.

To activate this function the user has to add the field Material Number to the search mask for documents.

See also video here.

Basic drop handler for generic objects (PLM-27496)

This feature enables the administrator to set up a drop handler for generic objects.



SmartContainer "Usage in Folders" for Equipments and Functional Locations (PLM-27652)

This feature enables the user to use the "Usage in Folders" Container on Equipment and Functional Locations.

To activate this feature the following configuration has to be added to the file default.txt under customize\config.

# SmartContainer Definitions = Occurrences in Folders = generic_SmartContainer_macro.txt = FM:/DSCSAG/OBJECT_WHERE_USED = IN = FOLDER = {0}/sap/folder_open = ...;SMART_CONT(OBJECT_IN_FOLDER);...

New possibility to force check-out on current workstation (PLM-27874, Improvement Request 222224)

This function adds a new container and new menu functions to the working directory to support force check-outs on documents. The container displays documents that are checked-out in the SAP system but are read-only in the file system. The new menu functions are available on the container as well as on documents that can be found in it.


+ = fnc.workdir.operation(checkout_edit_force)
+ = fnc.document.checkout.force

Enable SAP GUI transaction to run asynchronously (PLM-27913, Improvement Request 227091)

This function enables the user to make asynchronous SAP GUI calls while continuing to work in his SAP ECTR.


To activate this function, the administrator must add the parameters transaction="bright" and background="true" to the API calls for the SAP GUI. All standard API calls of SAP ECTR are now set to work asynchronous.

Here is an example of the call of the Visual Instance Planner:

<!-- Visual Instance Planner -->
<function apiname="VIP_EXECUTE_LAUNCH" name="VIP_LAUNCH" transaction="bright" background="true" type="document">

New quick search UI (PLM-28106, Improvement Request 208363Improvement Request 228016)

This feature adds a new quick search User Interface.


This feature is enabled by default and can be accessed via the file menu or Ctrl+Q.

To customize this feature the chapter Quick Search in the file default.txt under customize\config has to be extended.

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# 3.2.4 Quick Search 
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Defines the supported object types for the use of quick search providers
# = <object_type>;<object_type> = DOC;MAT;ECN

# Defines the provider for the defined object type

# Defines the cache limit for the object count 
# plm.object.cache.limit = <object_count>
# Default Value: 1000

(info) In the standard FMs for the quick search the authorization object S_TCODE with value "/DSCSAG/QUICKSEARCH" is used to check if the user is allowed to use the quick search. 

(warning) You can also use Embedded Search as underlying search technology for this. Please refer to How to configure Embedded Search for ECTR.

Basic support of Change record (S/4 only) (PLM-28370)

This function introduces Basis Support for Change Records from SAP S/4 HANA to SAP ECTR. This allows the user to perform rudimentary functions such as searching a Change Record and adding it to a folder via drag and drop.



These functions are included in the new add-on Change Record in SAP ECTR FOR SAP S/4HANA. Please make sure the folder addon\changeRecord exists in the installation.

New object Material Production Version (S/4 only) (PLM-28507)

This feature introduces a new object in SAP ECTR FOR SAP S/4HANA, the material production version. This new object is displayed in a new smart container below the materials.


These functions are included in the new add-on Change Record in SAP ECTR FOR SAP S/4HANA. To activate them, this add-on must be installed.

Possibility to derive versioned material BOM (S/4 only) (PLM-28861)

This function introduces a new BOM derivation function to create the new S/4-versioned material BOM.


These function is included in the new add-on Change Record in SAP ECTR FOR SAP S/4HANA. To activate it, this add-on must be installed.

Mass change function for folders (PLM-29007, Improvement Request 237126)

This feature allows the user to use the "Mass Change" function of SAP ECTR on folders.


This feature is enabled by default and can be accessed via toolbar for folders in the desktop context. Therefore the file menu.guidef under customize\config has to be extended.

+ om.custom.tool.FLD.ctx_desk = ...
= -----------------------------
= fnc.doc.change.multi
= -----------------------------
= ...

Attribute transfer from CAD system to SAP for longtext with "auto wrap" (PLM-18544, Improvement Request 213756)

This improvement enables SAP ECTR to auto wrap mapped long texts from the CAD system to the SAP system. Therefore, a user can now maintain long texts in the CAD system, and they are transferred "auto wrapped" to the SAP System when they are saved.


To enable this improvement the administartor has to enhance the attribute mapping in the file attribute-to-sap.xml under customize\config as followed.

<DIR field="LONGTEXT" language="EN">

Log Field in the Status Log for checkin and checkout of additional originals (PLM-26210)

This improvement makes the status log more user-friendly. New log field texts have been implemented to better distinguish between check-in and check-out of additional originals and main originals.

Provide originals of the structure in Cache (PLM-26228, Improvement Request 223318)

This function allows the user to run certain functions in the background if they take a long time, such as loading larger assemblies.

Furthermore, there is now a "Task Manager" that can display currently running background processes and an activity indicator in the task bar of SAP ECTR

To activate the improvement to send processes to the background, the preference plm.doc.cache.update.parallel must be set to true.

The preference has been added to the file options.xml, so that users can find it in the preference settings of SAP ECTR.

To activate the "Task Manager" to following menu function has to be added to the file menu.guidef.

= fnc.task.manager

Possibility to call FMs using macros via SAP GUI (PLM-26790, Improvement Request 216595)

This improvement enables the macro framework to execute macros with a SAP GUI transaction. This enables the user to create macros with RFC-enabled function modules which shows a SAP GUI screens.


To use this improvement, the user must call the macro function $SET_EXECUTION_OPTION with the parameter use_gui_transaction equals true

$SET_EXECUTION_OPTION('use_gui_transaction', 'true')

Possibility to fill object lists via OSGi plugin (PLM-26791, Improvement Request 216595)

This improvement enables the OSGi framework to fill object lists. A new OSGi service was create to add objects to an object list.


To use this improvement the customer has to implement the new OSGi service to his OSGi implementations.

Immediate response missing when using SAP GUI <F4> feature (PLM-27013, Improvement Request 226926)

This improvement enhances the usablility of the F4 help.

Now the user will get status message that the SAP GUI is being called.

Allow CAD application to trigger shutdown (PLM-27048, Improvement Request 222629)

This improvement enables the CAD applications to trigger the shutdown of SAP ECTR. If enables SAP ECTR will shutdown wenn the CAD application is closed.


To activate this improvement the following preference has been configured in the file default.txt under customize\config and the CAD application has to support this function.
plm.shutdown.onApplication.exit = true

Load customize/dictionary from addons and applications (PLM-27494, Improvement Request 230389)

This improvement enables the administrator to define customer dictionaries in SAP ECTR add-ons or applications.

To activate this improvement the administrator has to define dictionary keys in the specific add-on or application customize\dictionary\customer.txt

example in customize\dictionary\customer.txt
fnc.api.generic2(VIP_LAUNCH) = Handover Document to Visual Instance Planner

Setting maximum number of search hits via preferences in new quick search (PLM-27760, Improvement Request 228016)

This improvement allows to define the maximum number of search hits for the quick search. Furthermore this improvement allows the user to set the maximum number of search hits for the quick search while SAP ECTR is running.


customize\config\default.txt = 100

# enable editing while running ECTR = true

Enable "context menu" (Menu key) on windows keyboard (PLM-28094, Improvement Request 235191

This improvement allows the user to use the menu key to display the context menu for a selected object.

New possibility to embed a smart container into another smart container (PLM-28428, Improvement Request 239423)

This improvement allows the user to build Smart Container into Smart Container. Using this technique, the user can get a better overview of the contents of his Smart Containers.

Details follow.

Raise an error when file size deviates from KPRO table and actual file size (PLM-29038, Improvement Request 247050)

This improvement increases the user experience by checking for differences in file size between the local cached file and the file on the KPRO database server. If the file size is different, the system displays an error message to inform the user.

Drag&drop of content versions always transfers the same file (PLM-28826, Improvement Request 245505)

This correction fixed the issue that would arise if a user tried to drag&drop a content version of an original, now the drag&drop will be done with the correct file. /

General note for the release /

This release has a total of 64 changes, of which 11 are improvements and 53 are corrections.

All changes can be read in the SAP Note 2779488

Confusing name of the function "Change Active / Inactive" for ECN (PLM-24609, Improvement Request 218195)

This improvement makes the functionality for using change records in the frontend more comprehensible to the user. It improves the naming of frontend functions for better differentiation of actions in SAP.

Allow to forbid change of Classification in Object Browser for certain class types (PLM-27778, Improvement Request 238325)

This improvement allows the admin to protect certain classes or class types from a change of the characteristic values.
Disclaimer: The class type 017 can not be blocked with this feature.

Configure the following preference in customize\config\default.txt.

Every PFCG role is written in an own row of the file, as in the example below
plm.classification.readonly.pattern = 001/.*/.*

5.2.2 / 1.1.2

General note for the release 5.2.2 / 1.1.2

This release has a total of 70 changes, of which 35 are improvements and 35 are corrections.

All changes can be read in the SAP Note 2779488

Possibility to use multiple PFCG roles in UI configuration (PLM-23097, Improvement Request 200174)

This feature writes, at the end of the launch process from SAP ECTR, all PFCG roles from a user in a text file. This enables the admin to develop his own mechanism to enable or disable functions of SAP ECTR for a user.

This feature will be enabled automatically, the location of the text file is written in the environment variable PLM_ALL_ROLES_FILE. The file layout is written in UTF-8 without BOM.

Every PFCG role is written in an own row of the file, as in the example below

Classification search with class-independent search for objects via characteristics (PLM-23169, Improvement Request 207439)

This feature allows the user to create searches with macros and search masks that are class-independent. To create a search mask for this feature a mask from type undefined has to be created and the field Class-independent characteristic area has to be added.

To enable this feature the following preference has to be added to the default.txt.

<ECTR installation>\customize\config\default.txt = MERK

New document property in Object Browser to show multiple and ambiguous material links (PLM-25105, Improvement Request 214542)

This improvement adds an new icon option for documents. This option works with multiple and ambiguous material links on document.

To enable this improvement following configurations have to be done in the dtype.xml and the customer_icons.txt.

<ECTR installation>[<application>]\customize\config\dtype.xml
<icondef icon_position="8" icon_group="default" use_status_color="no" icon_identifier="matlinks_$(MAT_AMB)"/>

<ECTR installation>\customize\aux-files\customer_icons.txt
matlinks_= flag/flag_sign_off
matlinks_a = {0}/sap/chain<<{0}/sap/o_more<<{0}/sap/o_error
matlinks_s = {0}/sap/chain<<{0}/sap/o_more

Experimental feature for clone option to adjust the path "upwards" (PLM-25109, Improvement Request 204074)

This experimental feature allows the admin to enable the inheritance of cloning options upwards to an ancestor node.

See also video on comments tab of IR 204074

To enable this experimental feature to following preference has to be set in the default.txt.

(warning)Disclaimer: This feature works for homogeneous configured documents using internal number range only.

<ECTR installation>\customize\config\default.txt
# Check the consistency of the clone path
# If a clone option (not NO_ACTION) is set for a node, the system checks whether there are any predecessor nodes 
# in the tree without a clone option. If there are such predecessor nodes then a dialog comes up asking if the nodes 
# without clone option should get this clone option or not.
# If the clone option NO_ACTION is set for a node, the system checks whether there are successor nodes in the tree 
# that have set a clone option. If there are such successor nodes then a dialog comes up asking if these nodes should 
# get NO_ACTION or not.

# true = Check is enabled
# false = Check is disabled (default)

plm.omf.doc.clone.pass.clone.option = true

Cache clearing enabled to work automatic in background (PLM-25180)

This feature allows the admin to enable an automatic clearing of the SAP ECTR Cache.

For more information please read SCN Wiki-article

Process "New Version" to assign the new version of a dependent document to the latest master document version (PLM-25435, Improvement Request 214482)

This feature allows the admin to determine the concept of versioning a dependent document. Now the behavior of versioning a dependent document can be set in the dtype for that dependent document.

To enable this feature the option new_version_master_version has to be set in the non-master_options of the dtype of the dependent document.

The behavior of the versioning can be set to as_saved, latest or latest_released

<nonmaster_options new_version_master_version="as_saved"/>

Attribute mapping CAD=>SAP to save field DESCRIPTION language dependent (PLM-25779, Improvement Request 229728)

This feature allows the admin to enhance the attribute mapping from CAD to SAP for language dependent description.

To enable this feature the option language has to be added to the attributes configuration in the attributs-to-sap.xml under customize\config.

<ECTR installation>[applications]\customize\config\attributs-to-sap.xml
<DIR field="DESCRIPTION" language="DE">
 <DIR field="DESCRIPTION" language="EN">

Possibility for IPD add-on to use a proxy for HTTP(S) communication (PLM-25881)

This improvement allows the admin to add a proxy server to the settings for the IPD connection.

To enable this improvement the following preference have to be added to the default.txt of the addon.

<ECTR installation>\addons\collaboration\customize\config\default.txt
# This preferences allow you to set the ip and port of an proxy host for the connection to the IPD server
# plm.collaboration.ipd.proxy.port

User is notified if the number of search results is restricted (PLM-26217, Improvement Request 228310)

This feature notifies the user about the restriction of the search results and informs after the search if more results were found.

Variant type-dependent display of icons and customizing the material creation process (PLM-26373, Improvement Request 215410)

This feature enables the admin to add type-dependent configuration for variants to the SAP ECTR customizing.

To enable this feature to following preferences have to be added to the default.txt

<ECTR installation>\customize\config\default.txt
plm.mat.create.variant.types.hidden = <variantType>;<variantType>
plm.cad_variant.fgroup.forVariantType.<variantType> = <functionGroup>
plm.cad_variant.dgroup.forVariantType.<variantType> = <displayGroup>

And for Icon customizing needs the following preference to be set in the customer_icons.txt under customize\aux-files

<ECTR installation>\customize\aux-files\customer_icons.txt
cadvar.object.<variantType> = <IconDefinition>

Show update indicator in Derive-BOM-UI (PLM-26497)

This improvement shows the user the update indicator in the Derive Bill of Material (MBOM Wizard) Dialog in the tree layout.

To enable this feature the layout MAT_BOM_PREVIEW_DIALOG has to be added in the system-layout.txt.

<ECTR installation>\customize\config\system-layouts.txt

Expansion of the "working directory" in Desktop window (PLM-26789, Improvement Request 232814)

This feature enhances the check routine for the working directory expansion this enhances the performance.

Context menu on working directory is able to open the Windows Explorer (PLM-26927, Improvement Request 230091)

This feature enables the user to open the working directory of SAP ECTR directly in the Windows Explorer.

To enables this feature the function has to be added to the popup menu of the working directory in the menu.guidef.

<ECTR installation\customize\config\menu.guidef
+ = fnc.workdir.refresh
                        = fnc.workdir.clean.dark

Improved error message when user tries to replace change number of a document (PLM-27014, Improvement Request 223330)

This improvement enhances the error text, when trying to replace the change number for a document.

Error handling for function "Add Original" in Edit mode of object browser (PLM-27015, Improvement Request 221643)

This feature blocks the use of the "Add SAP Original" function, if the document is currently edited in the Object Browser. SAP ECTR will now note in the status bar that the user has to leave editing mode in the Object Browser to use the function Add SAP Original.

Handling of folders and folder icons in Where Referenced containers (PLM-27055, Improvement Request 234313 and 211196)

This feature allows the user to distinguish folders displayed in the Where-Used container by overlay icons.

To activate this feature the overlay icon has to be defined in the customer_icons.txt. For example:

<ECTR installation>\customize\aux-files
tree.folder.whereused.overlay = {0}/sap/o_folder_closed

Tabbing through input fields in Import-On-Demand (PLM-27099, Improvement Request 227428)

This feature allows the user to navigate through all input fields in the Import-On-Demand dialog using the TAB key.

Show number of selected objects in title of window-box (PLM-27143, Improvement Request 232658)

This feature informs the user about the number of selected objects in the selection tree.

Handling of function Configuration Read (PLM-27379)

This feature allows the admin to configure the document part and document version of the document for the last used container and layout.

Two new preferences have been added for this feature in default.txt.

<ECTR installation>\customize\config\default.txt
# Document part used for user specific last used container and layout config
# plm.control.folder.lastUsed.docPart = 000
# Document version used for user specific last used container and layout config
# plm.control.folder.lastUsed.docVers = 00

Added possibility to suppress dialog "Accept Layout Changes" during system start (PLM-27423, Improvement Request 230048)

This feature allows the admin to suppress the "Accept Layout Changes" dialog and automatically overwrite the layout of SAP ECTR.

Configure the following preference in the default.txt.

<ECTR installation>\customize\config\default.txt
# if set to true, the admin changes to the layout applied automatically without any dialogs = true / false (default false)

Added possibility to cancel a pending macro (PLM-27442, Improvement Request 227914)

This feature allows the user to cancel pending macros with the ESC Button.

Save redlining / markup for SAP VE Viewer window (Improvement Request 218546)

Conversations / redlining / markups can be saved in SAP VE Viewer Window inside of SAP ECTR. The markups are compatible with the ones displayed/created in SAP GUI.

Please be aware to apply SAP Notes 222660122377322655123 and 2655123.

You can activate this by adding the following entry into <ECTR installation>\addons\sapvev\customize\config\default.txt

<ECTR installation>\addons\sapvev\customize\config\default.txt

You also require SAP VE Viewer version or newer.

Drop-Handler for Generic Objects

(warning) Prototype available for 5.2.2. Feature planned for 5.2.3!

To implement a drop-handler for generic objects please follow SCN entry:

5.2.1 / 1.1.1

General note for the release 5.2.1 / 1.1.1

This release has a total of 65 changes, of which 19 are improvements and 46 are corrections.

All changes can be read in the SAP Note 2779488

Function to search for documents in selected folder structure (PLM-19696)

This improvement enables the user to search documents directly in specific folders, for example a folder of a project.

The search option is configured in the default folder popup menu configuration.

This configuration can be found in the file \customize\config\menu.guidef.

Screen handling to remember also last active screen (PLM-25063, Improvement Request 206817)

This feature improves the handling of multi screen setups.

SAP ECTR will now remember the last used screen and start there the next time.

Visibility of dirty-flag overlay icon (PLM-25106, Improvement Request 212492)

This feature improves the visibility of the dirty-flag overlay.

The color of the overlay has been changed from yellow to red.

Help dialog for user in mass change dialog if an entered value is cut at max-length (PLM-25264)

This improvement provides a help dialog for the user. This dialog warns the user if the input exceeds the maximum length for the characteristic.

New property "ECTR_CAD_SORT_ORDER" for ASV objects (PLM-25322, Improvement Request 223378)

This improvement provides the new property "ECTR_CAD_SORT_ORDER" for the connector.

This property shows the sort order of the assemblies in the navigator of the CAD System.

Symbol to indicate that characteristics with intervals are not editable (PLM-25448)

This feature improves the visibility of read-only interval characteristics.

Check of the dirty-flag in the status change process to a status with release flag (PLM-26138) 

This improvement provides the user with the possibility to enable or disable the invalid status change check for documents with a "release flag".

<ECTR installation>\customize\config\default.txt
# This preference enables a check for the status transition to a status with "release flag"
# true = status change process adds check for release flag to the invalid status changes (default)
# false = disables check for release flag
plm.document.statusChange.preventReleaseFlagForDirty = true

Handling of large amount of characteristics in search masks (PLM-26178)

This improvement simplifies the handling of characteristics when maintaining search masks.

The now used dialogs allow to search for class and characteristics now.

Show diff for uploaded DType configuration in the case of mismatching checksum (PLM-26282)

This improvement enables the administrator to see the changes between the local installation and the backend configuration of the DTypes.

The Notice dialog that appears when starting SAP ECTR now has a "Show Differences" button to display the new "Show Differences" dialog.

Keep the last expanded state for containers in Object Browser after restart (PLM-26443, Improvement Request 226818Improvement Request 232907)

This feature improves the container handling in the Object Browser.

SAP ECTR now remembers the containers that were expanded in the last session.

Display tooltip for search operation containing " [..] " in Classification window (PLM-26796)

This feature improves the search of the Classification window.

SAP ECTR now shows a more suitable tooltip for the interval search.

5.2.0 / 1.1.0

General note for the release 5.2.0 / 1.1.0

This release has a total of 72 changes, of which 11 are new features, 48 are improvements and 13 are corrections.

All changes can be read in the SAP Note 2779488

Function dialog to derive Bill of Material via CDESK_MBOM_WIZARD technique (PLM-19236)

 This feature allows the user to create or update a Bill of Material (BOM) using the SAP CDESK_MBOM_WIZARD technique with an frontend SAP ECTR Dialog.

First the user can set all needed information in an input dialog.

After setting the information the next dialog shows already existing Bill of Materials and linked Materials of the assembly.

Here the user can create a new Bill of Material or can update existing ones.

The menu for this feature is defined in the menu macro DOC_BOM this macro can be found in the file menu_macros.txt.

? DOC_BOM = mnu.flyout.doc_bom

This feature has optional settings, this settings can be defined in the default.txt.

# Set the default value for usage at BOM creation
#<material type> = <value>
# = 1 = 2

# Set the default value for plant at BOM creation
#<material type> = <value>
# = 1000
# =

# Set the default value for alternative at BOM creation
#<material type> = <value>
# =

# Define the explosion scenario for the mbom wizard
# plm.mbom.cdesk.explosion.scenario = BOM_DERIVE

Support for HiDPI (High Dots Per Inch) displays (PLM-21899)

This feature enables the user to work with SAP ECTR on 4K-Displays with HiDPI. The font size is automatic defined by OS.

Standard document functions for ASV document-related objects (PLM-24613, Improvement Request 219683)

This feature adds new functions to documents in the ASV which already have DIR.

The feature can be enabled in the file <ECTR installation>\addons\structureview\customize\config\menu.guidef

# CAD parts with existing DIRs (SOB):
+ ...
= -----------------------------
= fnc.doc.change.multi
= fnc.doc.status.change
= fnc.mat.create.multi

Function for mass change of materials (PLM-25062, Improvement Request 214594)

This feature enables the user to use the SAP ECTR mass change function on materials.

The feature can be enabled in the file menu.guidef

+ ...
= fnc.mat.change.multi

Disclaimer: The F4 value help feature is not yet available. 

New container "Deleted Documents" in the Working Directory (PLM-25110, Improvement Request 214734)

This feature shows a new container in the working directory, which shows the user the files of document where the DIR was deleted in the SAP System.

New Function "Create new ECM and set active" (PLM-25168, Improvement Request 208794)

This feature shows a new function in drop-down menu for change numbers.

This new functions allows the user to create new change number in the active folder of the desktop context.

New containers to show all virtual instances which are related to a document or a CAD variant (PLM-25617)

This feature enables the user to use a container that shows the virtual instances from documents or CAD variants

The feature will be installed with the new addon instances (<ECTR installation>\addons\instances).

In this addon the configuration and the dictionary keys for instances can be maintained.

Previews for generic objects (PLM-25684)

This feature enables the user to show previews for generic objects like virtual instances in SAP ECTR.

The feature will be enabled per default but can be this disabled in the files default.txt.

 plm.<OBJECT_TYPE>.preview.enabled = false

Display "Markup available Indicator" icon for objects in Originals container (PLM-24180)

This feature enables the user to display "Markup Indicator" icons for redlining objects in the Originals container.

The feature can be enabled in the file default.txt

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# 2.3.6 SAP Originals Container
# Display the markup indicator for originals in the SAP Originals Container
# true: Display markup indicator
# false(default): Don't display the markup indicator
# = <true/false>

Support of status type "L" to change document metadata in this status (PLM-23833, Improvement Request 202010)

This feature allows the user to work with the SAP status type "L" in SAP ECTR. It is now possible to change configured fields of the document metadata.

For more information regarding the SAP status type "L" please see note 2055281.

Improved attribute transfer and added language-dependent update of attribute values from SAP to a CAD application (PLM-25023, Improvement Request 212953

This feature allows the user to define language-dependent attribute mappings for the transfer from SAP to CAD.

In order to enable this feature the parameter "language" has to be added in an attribute section of the file attributes-from-sap.xml


<!--=========================================== -->
<!-- Default Attribute Mapping -->
<!--=========================================== -->
<section name="default" description="Standard attribute mapping" language=”EN”>
   <APPL_ATTRIBUTE name="SAP_DESCRIPTION" hidden="false">

User-authorization check for edit mode in check-read-only process dialog (PLM-24782, Improvement Request 207873)

This feature is added to improve the user experience with SAP ACM and SAP ECTR, it adds an authorization check to the check-read-only dialog.

Implement a possibility to switch on specified filters instead of compound filter button "need action" (PLM-22141, Improvement Request 201685)

This feature enables the user to define compound filter buttons like the "need action" filter.

To enable this feature, configurations need to be made in the file default.txt. See below in the file default.txt a filter example for the ASV of the structure view add-on.

# <filter-modul prefix>.control.<Buttonnumber> = <List of Filternames>
structure.view.tool.filter.control.1 = filter.modified;filter.insob;filter.not_actual;filter.conflict_pending;filter.conflict 
structure.view.tool.filter.control.2 = filter.traforange;filter.trafred

Next, the icons need to be defined in the file customer_icons.txt.

# <filter-modul prefix>.control.<Buttonnumber>.icon = <icon_mapping>
structure.view.tool.filter.control.1.icon = {0}/sap/filter
structure.view.tool.filter.control.2.icon = {0}/sap/filter<<{0}/sap/o_more

At last, the dictionary keys need to be defined in the file customer.txt

# plm.<filter-modul prefix>.control.<Buttonnumber>.name = <button-name>
# plm.<filter-modul prefix>.control.<Buttonnumber>.tooltip = <button-tooltip> = Need for Action 1
plm.structure.view.tool.filter.control.1.tooltip = Need for Action 1 = Need for Action 2
plm.structure.view.tool.filter.control.2.tooltip = Need for Action 2

Error handling when changing DTypes of existing documents by non-admin users (PLM-25262, Improvement Request 215511)

This improvement provides more information about the reason why the change DType function of a non-admin user failed.
Now, there will be a reason displayed in the Comment column of the Change DType dialog.

Tooltip on ECN to show description and number (PLM-25108, Improvement Request 214468)

This improvement provides a tooltip for the ECN drop-down container.

Removed the possibility to delete root folders in the Desktop window (PLM-25049, Improvement Request 213432)

This improvement removes the delete function on root folders.

The improvement will be enabled in the file menu.guidef

# Exclude the delete function from the root folders = fnc.fld.delete

Display of error message "Error: response code: 404 is not 200(HTTP OK)" (PLM-24634, Improvement Request 218245)

This improvement enables the user to provide the IT admin with more accurate information about certain error messages.

Additionally, a new SAP Wiki page has been created to help the IT admin with these errors.

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