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The SAP PLM application provides integrated product life-cycle management software - a single source of all product-related information needed for collaborating with business partners and supporting processes including product innovation, design and engineering, quality and maintenance management, and control of environmental issues.

The SAP PLM application can help to:

  • Support strategic sourcing by interfacing with supplier relationship management software
  • Provide role-specific, context-driven access for internal and external users to relevant information, tools, and services
  • Improve decision-making through insight into projects; flexible reporting; and analytics for portfolio management, occupational health, product safety, and product quality
  • Increase strategic and operative control by monitoring product and production changes affecting timelines, costs, and resources
  • Provide an open-technology framework that delivers up-to-date data required by enterprise processes for demand planning, manufacturing, purchasing, and sales.


For further information about the SAP PLM Solution go to:
SAP PLM @ SAP Service Marketplace

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