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When using historical Bills of Document (BOD) it may appear, that the Bill of Document is not created for a folder document in ECTR. In ECTR a folder structure is represented by a Document Info Record and a Bill of Document.

You can turn on/off historical DocBOMs in transaction OS25 and OS68. Please refer to the documentation in the corresponding transactions.

See notes 2222540 and 426494.

As written in OSS note 2222540 ECTR does not work with "history requirement" for document structures. ECTR cannot work with document structures (BOD) that have a general history requirement. The following use cases are affected by this:

1. Working with ECTR folders

The ECTR folder structures are based on the document structures and do not have any validity, as is the case with EasyDMS folders. Therefore, folder structures cannot be created as subject to a history requirement.

2. Working with CAD assembly structures

The CAD assembly structures are based on the concept of "object validity". This object validity is defined by the status in the document info record (DIR) and possibly by a change number in the document info record (DIR). Different valid document info records can be replaced by the resolving of assemblies depending on the resolution view set. An item validity forced due to the general history requirement of the document structures is therefore not compatible, and cannot be used with ECTR.