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No quality notification has been created using actionbox  - action 'create quality notification' in transaction QM02.
Reproducing the Issue

  1. Call the transaction QM01/QM02
  2. Execute action 'create new notification' from the action box
  3. Save the notification
  4. A new task has been created corresponding to the customizing settings
  5. New notification has not been created

The new notification is created using workflow functionality.

The following settings have to be checked:

  •  Is the task TS020000304 as 'specific details for task' maintained in Customizing for the action 'Create quality notification'?
  • Are the necessary settings for workflow maintained?
      Transaction SPRO
    SAP NetWeaver
    -> Application Server
      -> Business Management
        -> SAP Business Workflow
          -> Maintain Standard Settings
    (Transaction SWU3)

There shouldn't be any red crosses. If there are some red crosses, the workflow customizing could be completed using button 'Perform automatic workflow customizing (F9)'
Please read the attached notes 322526 & 547419 too.

  • Missing authority - please check the attached note 73160
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