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SAP for Public Sector


Welcome to the SAP Public Sector Wiki Space !

The SAP for Public Sector Wiki provides an extended overview of the different solutions in the SAP Public Sector's area of expertise.  

In this space we would like to encourage the Public Sector community to share knowledge about SAP for Public Sector Solutions, business processes and other relevant topics. As a single point of entry, the pages also provide links to SAP Help Portal documentation, release-dependent information from the SAP Service Marketplace, articles, blogs or how-to guides.

In addition to the Wiki, you can get in touch with Public Sector experts directly on the SDN Public Sector Forum : Public Sector Forum



What is SAP for Public Sector ?

Designed to help all levels of government maximize public value, SAP for Public Sector solutions enable governments to optimize limited resources in public administration across a wide range of government functions, from accounting and procurement to case management and social services.

For central/federal, provincial/regional/state, or local governments, SAP for Public Sector provides innovative solutions that improve services while lowering costs

Use the Table of Contents to navigate into the SAP Public Sector Wiki Space and access the diffrent Public Sector Solutions.

Learning Public Sector Solutions

Release Informations

Business Process Platform in Public Sector

Explore which enterprise services work for your Public Sector industry

Getting Support for SAP for Public Sector