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Public Sector Management - Funds Management

Funds Management - Budget Preparation and Budget Execution

The functions in this component support you in creating and executing budgets.
The purpose of Funds Management is to budget all revenues and expenditures for individual areas of responsibility, to control future funds transactions in accordance with the distributed budget, and to stop the budget being exceeded. You can adapt the budget to changes in conditions by entering releases, supplements, returns, and transfers.


Funds Management enables you to control revenues and expenditures and thus control the funding of business transactions of an organization.

Closely control your budget, with the following questions in mind:

  • What funds will the areas of responsibility receive?
  • Where do these funds come from (source of funds)?
  • What are the funds used for? (use of funds)

Control the finances of your organization by comparing commitment and actual values with current budget values.

Specific topics in detail and Frequently Asked Questions

Integration with other components

Funds Management is fully integrated with other components of the SAP System. The components that are integrated depend on the specific requirements of your organization. A basic requirement for the use of Funds Management is integration with the General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL) component.

Integrating the components Materials Management and Funds Management means that you can reproduce and monitor a procurement transaction from the purchase requisition through to the invoice for example.

Integration also ensures that all the data you need for budget execution is available in Funds Management without additional data entry.
Here you will find all information regarding integration with other components like FI, CO, MM, SD and so on.

New features and Enhancements

Important Notes

SPM Credential are required.

  • Note 427546 : Important notes for FI-FM and PSM-FM
  • Note 1082741 : Migration to ERP 6.0 (EA-PS 6.00)
  • Note 189761 : Reconstruction of data in Funds Managemnt as of Release 4.5A
  • Note 684659 : FAQs about account assignment objects as of Release 4.70
  • Note 881202 : FM derivation tool: Derivation of foreign acct assignments
  • Note 839488 : Derivation of commitment item from G/L account
  • Note 666322 : Derivation tool in the FM: Trace function
  • Note 658163 : Acct assignmnt change: Determinatn of new FM acct assignmnt
  • Note 1267998 : FI311 - Common issues related to this error messag
  • Note 1268001 : FI313 - No funds center entered/derived in item &.
  • Note 334559 : Customizing field status in Funds Management
  • Note 1282909 : FMTB - Budgetary Ledger
  • Note 400924 : Recommendations and rules for the payment transfer in FM
  • Note 573409 : FAQ: Why Availability Control doesn't work sometimes
  • Note 573556 : If availability control works correctly?

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