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This page will explain how SAP Grantor can use process control and status management to effective manage Grantor programs.  It will enable you to have control over when applications, agreements / awards, change requests and claims are allowed to be created.  This is controlled at a program level.

Process Control

First we will explore using process control within a Grantor program.  I am working is a grantor program (T-100) that is in status "RELE" released.

The default options are to allow all sub-processes.

Looking at the image above you can see that this program, T-100, is open for application submission, agreement creation, claim submission and change Request submission.

Now what if the grant organizations wants to stop all processes except claims against existing agreements.  Perhaps they are winding down this successful program and are not accepting any new applications or creating any new agreements/awards.  They are however giving existing award/agreement holders 6 months to submit their claims against their existing agreements.

Let me show you how would they control this?

As you can see from the image above the grantor organization has blocked the creation of new applications, agreements and change requests.  They have also set a date restriction for claim processing from January 2015 until end of June 2015, this will allow for applicants to submit claims against their existing agreements in this date range.

This enables the grantor organization to have a well managed and controlled processes to ending and managing their grant programs

Status Management

Another option is to use status management against the program header.  When the program is in status "Released" then this program is open  and operational.  It will then look to the process control explained above on how to control the sub processes for this program.

As you can see from the image above the user has the option to change the program status from "Released" to either "Finished" or "Locked" both of these will immediately stop all processing of grantor transactions for this program  So no new applications, agreements, claims or change requests will be allowed.  This is a bit more drastic but sometimes necessary.  There are no checks regarding existing and open transactions for this program.  So all open applications, agreements and claims for this program will be stopped.


I hope this helps you better understand Grantor process controls and how to use them in managing your programs.





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