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Grants Management for Grantee


Grants management (grantee) enables Public sector institutions as well as non-for-profit organizations to manage sponsored grantee-related programs, such as grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements, from pre-award administration to post-award management and reporting.

  • The SAP solutions enable to meet individual sponsor requirements without compromising the internal accounting processes : the reporting can be done based on sponsor requirements.
  • Grants, donations or awards can be managed over their whole life-cycle - from internal draft and application to the consumption and the final close-out. The management of passthrough grants is included in all these phases.
  • The Expenditure Certification allows for the - subsequent - assignment of projects to external funding sources. In the funding agreement, the sponsor outlines only the general purpose of funding. The recipient may then decide before, during or after the execution of a project whether it shall be financed by this or another sponsor. This solution focuses mainly but not exclusively on the European Structural Funds.

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Grants Management can be used to monitor and manage the process of applying for grants, and monitoring the funds flows to and from sponsors and projects resulting from awards.

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The GM-GTE component interfaces with, among others, Funds Management (FM), Controlling (CO), Financial Accounting (FI), Materials Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Human Resources (HR), and Travel Management (FI-TV).

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IPS810 - SAP Grants Management - Grantee

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