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Grants Management for Grantor (GM-GTR)


SAP Grantor provides a comprehensive, integrated solution for Government organizations that provide financial assistance programs to citizens and businesses. Grantor standardizes and supports the end-to-end process of planning, selection, management, and evaluation of Grant Programs with a single integrated platform. This single integrated solution can support all program types eliminating data redundancy and inefficiencies.
SAP Grantor integrates CRM, PSCD, AP/AR, FM, BI, and BRFplus into a powerful solutions to address the requirements of organizations that fund grant programs.


Key Functions and Features

  • Program Management - Define how granting activities are managed and funded, and identify how the grants are delivered to the grantee.
  • Budgeting - Provides integration to SAP Funds Management for full budget control. Manage budget at multiple levels with user defined derivation rules to automatically determine where to post budget. SAP Grantor also allows for multi-funded scenarios with condition rules to better control budget.
  • Application - Manage application processing, eligibility assessment, and award amounts, helping the potential grantee receive information about the grantor program and apply for a grant online, by telephone, or by letter.
  • Assessment - Allow you to assess the grant applications manually or automatically with integration to BRFplus the business rules engine.
  • Agreement - Capture the terms and conditions of the awarded grant, and trigger billing and payment activities when an agreement is finalized.
    SAP Grantor supports the following payment types: Advances / Payments / Holdbacks / Payment recovery / Repayments
    SAP Grantor also supports multiple financial execution types: One-Time / Claim-based / Periodic / Milestone
  • Change Request - Manage changes to a grantor agreement after it has been approved and released, evaluate important changes to the agreement, and generate new versions of the agreement as PDF documents for internal tracking and external processing.
  • Claims Management - Provide Web­based claim forms for grantees to submit requests for payment or reconciliation of payment. Claim items are verified for eligibility and availability, with checking executed against the grants agreement. You can then approve, release, and pay claims.
  • Payments - SAP Grantor is fully integrated into PSCD or Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable as the payment engine. These financail execution engines will manage the entire finaicial processes.
  • Case Management - Provide a central location for all documents, data, and transactions related to a particular grants application and its follow on processes.
  • Monitoring- Users can arrange, schedule, and integrate meetings and site visits into workflows to track grantee activities.
  • Analysis - Perform standard queries that support application, agreement, claim, and program analysis as well as full lifecycle analysis. Customized reporting is also supported.

Customer Pain Points/Qualifiers

  • Lack of integration between financial and grant processes leads to inaccurate payments, misspent budgets, inability to identify potential savings
  • Citizens demand transparency and accountability of grant program delivery
  • Grantors face multiple manual and paper based processes.
  • Lack of integration with Financial Management System
  • Citizens demand simple process for applying and communicating with Grantor.

Value Proposition

  • Single integrated solution supporting all program types eliminates data redundancy and inefficiencies
  • Integration between financial and grant processes leads to accurate payments and adherence to budget.
  • Program level business rules enforce compliance over the entire Grant lifecycle
  • Internal and external accountability and financial controls reduces fraud
  • Consolidated operating budget management provides agency wide view of program funding
  • Capture of the agreement terms and conditions ensures compliance with regulatory requirements


Learn More


  • WNA710 - SAP Grant Management for Grantor (United States - new virtual public sector workshop)