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Data from other application components, such as Financials (FI), Controlling (CO), Funds Management (FM) and Materials Management (MM), are frequently updated in Grantee Management (GM-GTE). The customizing in Grants Maagement has to be done accordingly.

Integration with Funds Management

Several features :

  • transfer of the bugdet created from GM to Funds Management (FM), BCS is required.

Integration with Position and Budget Control : This integration ensures that the time slices defined for a grant in GM-GTE coincide with the first day of the fiscal period that PBC uses to create the commitments to encumber budget for HR costs.

Integration with Records Management : The integration between Grantee Management (GM-GTE) and RM enables you to create records containing, say, budget information for selected sponsors and/or grant types.

GM has a lot in common with Business Partner processing. You need to be familiar with this to make effective use of GM.

Grants Management - Grantee (GM) budget integration with Funds Management (FM) - Budget Control System (BCS)

This document describes the configuration steps to facilitate budget allocations to specific Funds Management (FM) periods when entering Grant budget using the Grants Management for Grantee (GM) budget workbench.

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