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Procurement for Public Sector Scenarios

(From the Public Sector Solution Map)

  • Procurement for Public Sector: Public Tendering
    SAP solutions allow you to manage complex, highly regulated solicitation processes that comply with legal requirements. You can create legally compliant documents within a security infrastructure that integrates records management and procurement processes to fulfill audit requirements.
  • Procurement for Public Sector: Contract Management and Administration
    This scenario allows a professional purchaser to negotiate a contract with a supplier on the basis of an RFx. Once terms and conditions have been agreed, the contract enters an approval workflow. Upon approval, the contract is centrally created in SRM. Operational purchasers can take advantage of the conditions negotiated. When users seek a specific product or service from a contract, a purchase order is created, which is then sent to the vendor. The supplier ships the required goods or provides the service to the user. The user completes a goods receipt on the basis of which the supplier creates the invoice which is then paid by the requesting organization.
    Additionally, the system automatically creates an electronic contract file which contains all procurement documents created. After, award, any contract modifications as well as their supporting documentation are also automatically added to the electronic contract file. The file continues to capture contractual information through close out.
  • Procurement for Public Sector: Operational Procurement
    The requirements that have been created and released for procurement (for example, demands for spare parts coming from plant maintenance, demands for raw materials determined in a planning run, or requests for office supplies entered by an employee) are transferred to purchasing as purchasing requisitions. They are presented to the purchasing agent in worklists that support him or her in converting the requisitions into purchase orders. The purchasing agent can check the source of supply and the price and conditions that have been assigned to a requisition and start a request for quotation or bidding process if necessary. Release procedures are available to control critical procurement processes.
  • Procurement for Public Sector: Procurement Services
    One part of a procurement agencies business is the fulfillment of external customer requirements which are covered with this scenario. All processes are highly integrated with funds management and an electronic records management.
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