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Public Budget Formulation (IS-PS-PBF)

What is Public Budget Formulation (PBF) ?

SAP Public Budget Formulation is an add-on component that provides a collaborative environment to accommodate the requirements of the end-to-end public sector budget formulation process.

SAP Public Budget Formulation is an web-based application based on SAP NetWeaver technology platform, but can also be used as a stand-alone solution. PBF can be integrated with SAP systems and non-SAP systems. For instance, historical data such as the actual budget or the last approved budget can be used as a starting point to prepare the next budget. In addition, HR historical data can extensively be used to build simulations to budget the personel expenses. Grant, Project and Performance data can all be integrated.

Functions and Features

  • Budget requests, reviews and adoption- Manage budgets in a single application.
  • Operating, capital and grants budgeting - A single application for all budget types, enabling real-time budget reporting and analysis.
  • User configuration - Tailor budget forms, process controls, reports and analytics to your unique budgeting requirements and adapt them to changing requirements
  • Personnel cost forecasting - Examine and plan personnel expenditures at a highly granular level to support budgeting, spending plans and collective bargaining; based on the integration to SAP HCM.
  • Modeling and analytics - Powerful modeling tools combined with the strength of SAP Business Objects for reporting, dashboards and ad hoc analysis throughout the whole budget life cycle (Improved budget monitoring capabilities after budget adoption).
  • Text handling and automated budget book publishing - Prepare budget documents that incorporate budgets, text descriptions, graphics and more.
  • Integration - Integration with SAP and non-SAP ERP systems : integration with SAP HCM, SAP BCS (Funds Management, PSM-FM)

Learn More :

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WNABF1 - Introduction to SAP Public Budget Formulation (PBF)
WNABF2 - Advanced SAP Public Budget Formulation


Important Notes & Links for PBF 8.1 on SAP Netweaver 731

Important Notes & links for PBF 8.0 on SAP Netweaver 730

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PBF Performance Notes

  • 1829006  - Get Header Text Node performance enhancement
  • 1809108  - PBF Performance Enhancement for READ_FORMID_BY_ATTRHIER
  • 1786352  - Performance Enhancements for FMs READ/CREATE FORM_ID
  • 1780757  - Combo Edit performance
  • 1694494  - Projection Performance Improvement on DSO Insert

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