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Contributing to the SAP for TRM Community Wiki

In June 2009, the SAP Community Network (SCN) rolled out a new expert wiki concept. This means that registered users to SCN no longer automatically have editing rights for wiki pages on SCN. Expert wiki pages now have dedicated editors and moderators who are there to ensure that high quality content is delivered from community members.

The TRM@BPX wiki is an expert wiki and if you do not see the Edit tab page on the start page of the Retail wiki, then it means you do not yet have the necessary permissions needed to add content directly, but it does not mean you cannot contribute! What does this mean for you? It means you should first get on the stage!

Welcome to the SCN Wiki Stage!

When we say "Welcome to the SCN Wiki Stage!" are you thinking about what you will sing? How you will dance? Or thinking, will I make it to Hollywood? Well, the SCN wiki stage is not about singing, dancing, or Hollywood but it is about being the BEST. In the SAP for TRM expert wiki we leverage the SCN community stage concept in order to find the best community contributions and promote it to the TRM community.

Position yourself with your know-how and become a star on the stage!

Step Up on the Stage!

Contributing to the expert wiki space is quite easy. Just do the following:

  1. Go to the wiki stage area of SCN by either :
    • Navigating to Home → (Other)Wiki Stage → (Children) Submitted ContentAdd Child Page  or
    • Using this direct link
  2. Use the following naming convention for contributions to the TRM@BPX area  SAP for TRM Community - <name of topic> (so that we can locate your page quickly) and create and save a new page.
  3. Copy the URL of the page you just created into the clipboard.
  4. Go back to the SAP for TRM BPX landing page and choose the Notify Moderator tab page.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select Points to get awarded points for your page submission.
  6. In the box, paste the URL of the page and choose Submit.

After you finish this process our moderators will begin to track your efforts and review your submission.

What happens next?

When the moderators see that your contribution is of good quality, they will:

  • copy it to an appropriate place in the Retail wiki community area (either as a separate page or as addition to an existing page) and position you as author.
  • award you points (max. 20).
  • add a comment (see Comment tab page) to your original submission with a link or information about where your content has been copied to.

If the moderators feel your contribution is not yet ready to be promoted to the TRM community at large it will remain on the stage for review. A moderator will add a comment for you on the page. If you have provided consistently high quality content then you will receive an invitation to become a Expert Wiki editor.

Step up on the stage. It's your chance to shine!


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