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Deliver on Citizens’ Needs

Despite the challenges of financial pressures, social agencies must provide constituents with reliable social benefits and services. And they must deliver benefits and services in an open, transparent, and cost-effective manner while meeting overall program goals. To meet these needs, many organizations are deploying a variety of new technology solutions.

Governments around the world are responsible for delivering timely and responsive social services. At the same time, citizens expect service comparable to that of the private sector – with fast reaction times, a high degree of transparency, and individual attention. Too often, agencies have multiple, disparate, and custom-built systems that offer outdated technology and siloed solutions.

Social agencies, especially at the state or national level, employ large workforces of caseworkers that manage extensive case loads. Many agencies operate discrete systems and processes. A lack of integration forces citizens to submit information for each application – information that had already been provided to other government programs, depart-ments, or agencies. Many manual, paper-based processes cause tremendous delays and frustrations for citizens and employees alike.

Younger, Internet-savvy caseworkers expect IT solutions that enable them to focus on value generating, client-centric engagements. Replacing old silo systems with a platform approach offers opportunities to increase efficiency and harmonization.


Efficient Social Benefit Delivery

To deliver social benefits and services efficiently, agencies need tightly integrated technology solutions that can support the complex, end-to-end processes of programs and services. Rather than developing costly custom software, organizations need rich functionality from a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution, and they need a technology platform that allows them to do more with fewer resources.

Social agencies need a unified case management solution that enables cross-agency coordination, reduces costs, and improves service delivery to citizens. They need to implement eligibility and entitlement rules to improve the quality of decisions and automate repetitive tasks and processes to free up caseworkers to serve citizens with special needs better.

Ideally, agencies process cases automatically and involve caseworkers only when exceptional situations occur or manual work is necessary. Call center agents would manage simple requests and directly hand more complicated ones over to experienced caseworkers.

Historically, social agencies have developed their own IT solutions because tools and applications geared toward their specific needs have been unavailable.

SAP provides solutions that give IT departments the functionality not only to stop reinventing the wheel for every social program but also to stop spending a large portion of their IT budgets
on maintaining legacy applications. This ability allows them to focus on business-oriented topics rather than generic IT matters.


Unified View Across Programs

SAP software provides social agencies with a platform approach that enables them to create a unified view of clients, providers, and operations across programs and regions. The software allows them to deliver social benefits and services effectively to meet citizens’ needs in a cost-effective, sustainable manner. Rule engine technology enables agencies to implement eligibility and entitlement rules to make timely, transparent, and quality decisions.
  • ŸDeliver key information and rule-based decision support to improve the quality of benefit decisions
  • ŸIncrease the efficiency of service delivery through automated business processes that can reduce the manual effort and time required to deliver services and benefits payments
  • ŸCreate a flexible business framework for providing benefits – while enhancing regulatory compliance through business rules separated from the application logic
  • ŸReduce the complexity of decision making by supporting streamlined, collaborative, interagency processes and greater transparency in policies and benefits
  • ŸImprove the accuracy of information using a centralized, shared source of data and a single view of each citizen
  • ŸSimplify the submission of citizen applications and streamline the determination of eligibility and entitlements


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