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SAP for TRM on SAP Community Network;

Increase your knowledge about SAP for TRM and share it with others!
Expand your SAP for Tax and Revenue Management knowledge with our SAP for TRM Wiki Pages. Delivered right to your desktop, these pages start from business process design, to the solution implementation and operations, including integration and runtime optimization aspects. As a single point of entry, the pages also provide links to SAP Help Portal documentation, release-dependent information from the SAP Service Marketplace, articles, blogs or how-to guides. The SAP for TRM Wiki provides both an ideal starting point for SAP for TRM newbies and an elaborated knowledge base for business and technical experts at customers and consulting agencies.

SAP Tax and Revenue Management 

This is the home page for the Tax and revenue management space.
Technical Components - IS-PS-CA - Industry Solution Public Sector Contract Accounting
Product Components - PSCD - Public Sector Collection and Disbursement

Overview and main features

SAP for Public Sector supports tax and revenue management processes, including:

  • Taxpayer management
    Interaction with taxpayers, creation of new taxpayers or new accounts, setting up filing frequencies, and supporting multichannel filing, such as paper-based forms and electronic filing. Plus, the solution enables the automation of the validation of tax returns, calculate tax liability, and trigger further actions, such as reminder letters and penalty calculations.
  • Collection and disbursement
    SAP solutions enable you to process payments using a variety of payment methods, including manual processing of payments that cannot be assigned or settled automatically.
  • Case management
    SAP for Public Sector allows to manage a variety of case types, such as bankruptcy cases and audit cases, using a centralized information repository for managing events that are triggered from multiple sources and channels. Tax authorities can also recover outstanding receivables using internal collection departments.
  • Financial customer care and dispute management
    SAP for Public Sector gives the ability to conduct all financial-related communications with customers through multiple communication channels. The solutions include integrated receivables and collections management capabilities that ensure your service agents have the information they need to provide accurate answers and take immediate action - ensuring that disputes are handled effectively and rapidly.

SAP Business Maps for TRM

When you're going somewhere new, it helps to have a good map.
The Solution Map for TRM models the business processes within an retail public tax and revenue agencies that serves your tax administration needs while addressing the customer service requirements of taxpayers. Tax and Revenue Management contains an integrated set of applications that brings you proven best practices. Key processes include registration and account maintenance, tax return filing and remittance processing, correspondence and contact management, billing, audit, and compliance.

SAP for TRM Community Contributions

Whether they are best practices, lessons learned or success stories, share your experience with us.  If you don't know where to start, please have a look at existing SAP for TRM Community page contributions (see the box SAP for TRM Community Contributions on the right side) to see what has been created by members of our TRM@BPX community.
Also, before you begin, read our page on  how you can contribute so you can begin positioning yourself with your knowledge. Remember, it's you who makes the BPX community thrive! We welcome your input.

What's New in the SAP for TRM Wiki

Definitions and Frequently Asked Questions

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TRM Documentation in Help Portal and NEW technologies !!!!

SAP Tax and Revenue Management based on EhP5 enable customers to make use of some major foundation topics: NetWeaver Business Client and BRFplus. Find more information around these subject areas here.

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Implementation Cookbooks, Tutorials, Collaterals, White papers and Best Practices Guides

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Customer Success Stories, Recent wins and Recent go-lives

Here you can find information about existing success stories in Tax and Revenue management

Customer Sucess Stories

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Recent go-lives

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TRM Videos

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TRM Courses

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  1. So much of this Wiki is directed at Tax and Revenue but there are many non TRM projects that use PSCD