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To be able to use the NWDI, when installing the SAP NetWeaver you have to include the installation options of Application Server Java (AS Java) and Development Infrastructure (DI). Once the installation is complete you continue with the post installation configuration steps. In this document we will try and point you to the most common and useful links and notes.

The following link to Development Infrastructure (DI) will provide you some Technical System Landscape Overview as well as Configuration information.

Once the installation and Configurations steps are done its time to start using NWDI. Just before you jump into the water and start with the Product/Track /Software Components creation take some time to read a little bit about the Concepts and common Tasks performed using NetWeaver Development infrastructure (NWDI). Under the Concepts part you may find the SAP's Component Model as an interesting topic as well as and Components Development with the NWDI. Under the tasks section you can find topic like Setting Up the Development Landscape: Landscape Configurator and Software Development that cover many of the day to day tasks.

A solid conceptual understanding of the NWDI will help insure a successful implementation. It is highly recommended to review the following links before starting the implementation:

Using these SAP Notes will help you during the technical setup and configuration of the NWDI:

Note Number

Short Text


Collective note: NWDI server component configuration (JVM Settings, database param settings, user/security setup, performance tips, etc.)


Central Note NWDI (Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, user roles and permissions, import/transport problems, configuration problems, etc.)


Hardware requirements of Java Development (Sizing recommendations)


Initial Configuration of Usage Type DI: Common problems


Collective SAP Knowledge Base Articles NWDI


Collective Note: Configuration Wizard - Template Installer


Updating the SAP Component Repository in the SLD


PBF: Configure NWDI for Visual Composer


CMS / CM Services: What to use in which scenario?

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