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Welcome to the SAP Research SDN Wiki!

Learn more about SAP Research and our work by exploring our wiki. We hope you find it to be informative and interesting!

SAP Research is the global technology research unit of SAP. We explore promising ideas and turn them into prototypes with the ultimate goal of creating product enhancements and new solutions that benefit our stakeholders and customers.  One of our core projects in 2011 and beyond that drives our vision is the Business Web. SAP Research will contribute innovations from our various practices to help make this vision a reality.

Research Practices

We have created a strategic framework made up of seven research practices around which to focus our activities. This research portfolio is founded on trends that we have identified as promising and is a combination of technology and business strategy. Each of these areas contribute innovations to help make the Business Web vision a reality.


By exploring promising ideas through applied research, SAP Research brings you new and exciting software prototypes. We listen to proposals and feedback from our customers, partners, and internal teams, and, while some of these prototypes may not be developed into future products, our ultimate goal is to create product enhancements and new solutions that benefit our stakeholders and customers.

Visit our Prototypes area and let us know what you think!


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