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SAP ASAP Business Add-ons for Retail: Help to Lower Implementation Costs

Higher Return on Business Value and Business Optimization Opportunities

Investing in a new business solution can bring major benefits to a retailer. The success or failure of a new solution depends on how well it is implemented. ASAP Methodology for Implementation is a phased, deliverable oriented methodology that streamlines implementation projects, minimizes risk, and reduces total cost of implementation. ASAP takes a disciplined approach to project management, organizational change management, solution management, and other disciplines applied in the implementation of SAP solutions.

ASAP Business Add-ons extend the ASAP methodology with modular business implementation content and additional flavor methodology and accelerators solution or industry-specific content such as business process structure, transactions, solution documentation, links to IMG objects, BCsets, enhancements, reports, forms, SOA services, test cases, end user training material, relevant services and training offerings.

ASAP Business Add-ons for Retail with pre-packaged implementation expertise include:

All are based on the generic implementation roadmap for ASAP and is enriched with solution-specific tasks, including solution-specific accelerator assets assigned alongside the ASAP roadmap structure. This new methodology will help implementation teams respond faster to a customer's implementation, lower costs, limit risks, ensure high quality, and use repeatable methods.

To profit from the ASAP Business Add-ons, checkout the following details:

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