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Custom Area Menu Creation:

Area menu is used for Display the list of Tcode in the front screen of the SAP. An area menu has more than one Tcode and folders. 

 Go to T.code:SE43
Specify an area name and press new button. (F5)

A popup will display and specify the Description of the custom area menu 

Click "Create Area Class"

Click the "Add Entry as Sub Node (Shift +F7)" Button.

A Popup will appear. Specify the Tcode and Text for display in area Menu and press ok.


If you want to add report then click report button Specified in the diagram


A popup will appear. Specify the report name.

The Tcode will be created automatically. 

If you want to add folder just specify the text.

You can move the Tcode under the folder like tree structure. Just Drag the Tcode to folder. A popup will appear and specify the "At Lower Level"


Go to the SAP Screen and Enter the Area Menu name.

The SAP Menu will appear like what we have designed in Custom Area menu
Go to Transaction SU01
Type in the user name and click the Defaults tab
Type in the area menu ZAREA_MENU_DEMO in the Start Menu field and save
The menu can be also assigned to user specific by using SU01 Tcode

Retail Area Menu: