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The purpose of this page is to clarify how to correctly delete a site from retail system.


Explain the process involved in how to delete a site.

System Logic

Please ensure that there are no associated transactions, listing etc.for this site.

Steps to be taken:

  1. Carry out the discontinuation process (e.g.:via WSE4) to delete/discontinue the existing listing conditions (WLK1)and mark the corresponding article segments for deletion (MARC).
  2. Carry out the article archiving process (e.g: via SARA => MM_MATNR) to archive/delete the article segments.
    After this step was carried out successful, set a "closing date" (must be in the past) via WB02, and mark the site for archiving WB06. During this process, also the corresponding customer (and in case of a DC the Vendor) is marked for deletion/archiving.
  3. Now use the WS_ACSITE (SARA) to archive the site-part, the FI_ACCRECV to archive the customer and (in case of DC) the FI_ACCPAYB to archive the vendor.


Note 690340

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