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SAP for Retail Community Page - Interactive Kiosks in Retail Industry

This page aims to provide an understanding of the use of interactive kiosks in the retail industry. It explains their business significance and the implementation of the order to cash process originating from a kiosk and terminating in the SAP system.

What is a Kiosk?

  • Interactive terminal for users to access information and/or transact
  • May be used purely as an information access point(directory services, train timing etc) or as a transaction device (in store Kiosks, ATMs).
  • Commonly used in retail stores, banks, airports, railway stations, colleges/universities, government bodies
  • Connects to a back end system (e.g., ERP) through interfaces, similar to a website offering e-commerce
  • Unassisted use or assisted use
  • Kiosks maybe totally unassisted, where the users access information or execute transactions by themselves, or can be assisted. For example, where a sales person uses an interactive terminal to present options to a customer.
  • Credit card is the most popular payment option for e-commerce kiosks

Have you seen the SAP for Retail Business Process Expert wiki homepage on SCN? It is the central entry point to an elaborate knowledge repository for SAP for Retail. It contains a wealthy resource of information provided by business experts at SAP and contributions from community members, such as this page.

Where and how it is used?

  •  Kiosk placed inside physical store, connected to the website, integrates the physical store and website, promoting and providing access to the website.
  • Provides access to full selection of products, much more than what can be stocked on the retail store shelf
  • Enables customers to choose options in customizable products (computers, cars etc) , thus enabling them to purchase made-to-order products
  • Enables implementation of loyalty programs
  • Enables check out at users own pace, reduces pressure on store chck out counters

Kiosk usage in retail industry

  • Companies create a chain of retail stores to sell their products.
  • Retail stores are physical stores that sell companie's products off the shelf.
  • Many products have a number of customizable options, making it impossible to store all versions on the shelf e.g.Computers can have options in processors, screen size, memory, accessories etc, Ipods offer custom engraving
  • Some products may simply not be available on the shelf at all times
  • The solution - An in-store kiosk that allows users to
  • Order products customised to their requirements
  • Order any product that is not currently available on the shelf 

Kiosk Process Flow

  • Order itself is created in kiosk
  • Ship to address is customer's address
  • Order reaches SAP as Idoc
  • Creates a sales order in SAP
  • Order confirmation is generated from SAP and sent to customer's email address
  • Purchase order is generated and sent to vendor
  • Uses a front end similar to the Internet store
  • The kiosk at each store is a different website, though the appearance is similar
  • Customers can maintain an account, just as in an Internet store which contains address and credit card details
  • Prices are uploaded to the kiosk/website from SAP on a periodic basis
  • Order value is calculated based on price in Kiosk.
  • Credit card check takes place in the kiosk itself, not in SAP
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