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SAP for Retail Community Page - Material Grid Concept in Apparel and Footwear

Apparel and Footwear Solution
 AFS is a World Class SAP Customer Solution catering to the specific and unique needs of the apparel and footwear industry and to fulfill their logistical requirements.

Material Grid

The most important and unique concept in AFS. Material Grids should be created to determine the characteristics and the characteristics values in which an AFS material can be maintained in the entire logistics.  

Types of Material Grids

There are two types of Material Grids. Master Grids possess all the possible Grid values a material can have. Using the master grid you specify:

  1. Which dimensions characterize the material
  2. How many dimensions are contained in a grid value
  3. Which combinations of dimension values you want to allow as grid values

Application Grid

A segment from a master grid. Using application grids you specify which of the grid values that you have permitted for your material in the master grid you want to purchase or sell. There are two types of Application Grids:

  1. Sales and Distribution Grids
  2. Purchasing Grids

Have you seen the SAP for Retail Business Process Expert wiki homepage on SCN? It is the central entry point to an elaborate knowledge repository for SAP for Retail. It contains not only a wealthy resource of information provided by business experts at SAP, but also contributions from community members, such as this page, as well!

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  1. Nice Presentation on AFS GRIDS.