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SAP for Retail - Perishables Procurement

It is essential for the perishables buyer to have all the relevant data available in order to make a qualified decision about the perishables assortements, quantities, prices, source of supply, delivery dates and the distribution. To address this critical need, the central Perishables Procurement Work Center was developed. This work center supports the buyer with tools and consolidated informations that are required to manage purchasing\distribution decisions for perishables across the company.

What Are the Pain Points?

  • No seamless integration of the individual steps of perishables procurement
  • No availability of sufficient statistical data on demand to support perishables buyer's decision
  • No flexibility to switch between distribution and procurement (produrement by products and/or procurement by vendors)
  • Lack of personalization

Perishables Procurement is the new perishables application for SAP Retail that addresses the perishables buyers managing perishables at corporate level. Perishables Planning, the precursor to Perishables Procurement, remains unchanged; however, the focus of this wiki page is Perishables Procurement.

What Are the Benefits to Business?

  • Single point-of-entry for perishables buyer with the Work Center
  • Optimal support for decisions on perishables procurement by providing statistical data on demand
  • Reduction of effort for the daily work of a perishables buyer by pre-parameterization

Getting Started with Perishables Procurement.

SAP for Retail Community Contribution

  • Process Overview of Perishable Planning & Procurement, the precursor to Perishables Procurement, submitted by Retail@BPX community member Manish Kumar.