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SAP for Retail Community Page – Perishables Planning and Procurement Process Overview

Perishable Articles

Articles with short shelf-life, very often in connection to special handling equirements (e.g. cooling) are called perishable articles. Example - Fruits, Vegetables, Seafoods.

Special Business Process Requirements of Perishables

  • Quality and Appearance are determining sales factors !!!
  • Short time period between harvest and selling requires optimized logistics processes .
  • Fluctuating procurement data, e.g. required amount, price, delivery quantity, need a highly
  •  flexible procurement process.
  • Procurement with several vendors.

Prerequisite for Perishable Planning

  • Article Master Data- Perishable article as generic article with variant
  • Article type "FRIP"
  • Assortment list type"6"
  • Site Master Data-Assortment list profile with perishables
  • Vendor Master data-partner function PE
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Have you seen the SAP for Retail Business Process Expert wiki homepage on SCN? It is the central entry point to an elaborate knowledge repository for SAP for Retail. It contains not only a wealthy resource of information provided by business experts at SAP, but also contributions from community members, such as this page, as well!

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