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Drive your retail business with a clear view of your merchandise 

Reacting quickly to shopper demands requires real-time, accurate insight into buying patterns and market trends. SAP solutions help streamline merchandise life-cycle processes, so retailers can quickly execute strategic merchandise decisions based on a shared view of shopper demand - to achieve profitable growth.

SAP for Retail supports the activities involved in merchandise life-cycle management, including:

  • Strategic planning - With SAP for Retail, you can ensure your planning processes are integrated and driven by the same company goals. For example, you can feed your high-level financial targets, brand plans, and new store-opening plans into SAP Planning for Retail, where high-level budgets are distributed to product categories.
  • Merchandise and assortment planning/category business planning - SAP solutions enable retailers to define the merchandise hierarchies and store/channel plans and assign performance measures for purchase, sales, and margin targets at all levels of the hierarchy / channel /  zone / location. With category management software and business planning, you can plan and manage your retail goods for the next season and beyond.
  • Promotion planning and management - SAP for Retail can help you understand how shoppers respond to promotions, so you can create and execute appealing promotions that maximize margin. Robust what-if functionality shows the impact of different strategies to the bottom line - helping you negotiate vendor-funded deals. Once defined, specific offer details can be used in advertisements, signage, shelf labels, and displays. Performance details are immediately available to support execution of vendor rebates.
  • Price Optimization - SAP for Retail helps you manage the trade-offs between revenue, profit, and price image, and set prices that support a retailer's brand strategy. Price optimization software enables you to calculate prices that will increase profits. The SAP Price Optimization software helps you optimize and manage the standard prices throughout the product's life cycle. This means you can tap into the hidden potential to improve profits by simply adjusting every day prices based on shopper demand. SAP Markdown Optimization software does the same thing but for products that are approaching the end of their lifecycle. Maximize the sell through and margins of clearance products by setting more strategic prices at the individual store level. You can also assign multiple rules around the timing, depth, and even the price point endings of those markdown prices.
  • Markdown planning - Not ready for price optimization yet? SAP for Retail also supports end-of-season pricing decisions based on predetermined sales goals. With markdown recommendations that adhere with the rules you set up, markdown price recommendations can be made based on the most current sales information - ensuring markdowns are performed only when absolutely necessary.

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  • With SAP Merchandising for Retail your company can improve the strategic alignment and efficiencies of financial, human capital, and operational processes. With enhanced enterprise productivity and insight from the SAP's pure Retail solution, you have the power needed to adapt quickly and cost effectively to the rapily changing demands and requirements  of the  retail industry.
  • SAP Merchandising and Assortment Planning (SAP Planning for Retail), which provides planning functions that enable on-demand and on-time merchandise and assortment management. Thanks to this solution, companies are in a position to monitor the life cycle of merchandise, particularly fashion merchandise, and to constantly develop new service offerings for the stores at the same time.
  • SAP Promotion Management for Retail (PMR) to learn about our newest offering which helps retailers better plan, manage and execute more profitable promotions.
  • SAP Price Optimization for an overview of our robust merchandise management solutions, including Price and Markdown Optimization , powerful solutions that help retailers keep focused on the fast changing world of retailing.