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Loss Prevention Analytics

Loss Prevention Analytics offers preprocessed patterns to recognize fraudulent activities at the point of sale and is fully integrated with the SAP POS Data Management application and the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse component. These patterns are based on a set of templates which can be customized by the user to find any specific type of behaviour or activity. An easy-to-use exception-reporting with drill-down features allows a fast access to the results of the pre-processed patterns, helping to find the „needle in the haystack“. From inside the reposts it provides specialized views to look at the details of any transaction. The Transaction Viewer delivera all information stored in the transaction. The Journal Viewer provides a context for each transaction. Both UI's are enhancable without modification. An additional set of predefined summary and overview reports are provided to allow additional research within the POS transactional history.

The key benefits are:

  • Reduce fraud at the point of sale, increase productivity, and increase staff awareness.
  • Easy definition and configuration of fraud recognition patterns
  • Automatic alerting and ad-hoc drilling for faster fraud identification
  • Complete coverage of transaction details and context with WebDynpro UI
  • Based on one common POS transaction repository, no data replication
  • Runs on POS DM box with no additional hardware resources

Architectural Overview of Loss Prevention Analytics

Release Specific Information for Loss Prevention Analytics

  • Available from BI_CONT 7.06 / 7.36 SP03
  • POS DM is required / extra pricing
  • SAP Portal / Webreporting or NWBC and Webdynpro ABAP as UI

see also this BLOG about the latest development activities in Loss Prevention Analytics

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