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Understanding What the Consumer Wants and Knowing How to Respond

Software-supported knowledge about consumers' wishes, when combined with state-of-the-art forecasting, ensures that you offer the right products at the right place at the right time at the right price. In this regard, SAP makes a considerable contribution to improving sales revenues. Because if you use software that understands demand and makes precise forecasts, you are better alble to respond to the demand situation.

SAP provides the tools to glean insight into all areas of retailing - from understanding shopper demand through assessing the effectiveness of merchandising strategies, supply chain decisions and channel offers. The tools to providing all business users with a single view of information helps ensure that business decisions are aligned with each other throughout the organisation, and also in line with shopper expectations.

SAP for Retail provides capabilities for increasing insight into all areas of operations:

  • Analytics: With SAP for Retail, you can measure and review key performance indicators for corporate performance, customer, store/Point-of-Sale, merchandise, and supply chain analytics - maintaining visibility to past performance for future success.
  • Retail performance management: With solutions from SAP Business Objects you gain visibility and insight into enterprise and operational performance management with powerful query, reporting, and analytics.
  • Demand forecast: SAP for Retail enables you to produce a demand model and forecast at item-location level to optimize your planning and supply chain activities, taking into account all causal factors, including seasonality, price sensitivity, and promotional events.

Read on about

  • In Store Fresh Item Management- SAP for Retail in conjunction with a 3rd party solution to manage the full lifecycle of all perishable items in a store across all applicable departments.
  • Analytics for SAP for Retail - With Analytics for SAP for Retail, retailers can begin to understand the rapidly changing market needs; knowledge they can use to increase overall profitability.
  • Business Objects: The SAP BusinessObjects portfolio provides comprehensive solutions that can empower you to optimize your business performance. These solutions can help you define your business strategy, close the gap between strategy and execution, and balance risk and profitability.
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Service for POS- Business users face crucial challenges which inhibit their daily operational business when analyzing mass POS data. How can Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Service for POS eliminate the challenges of analyzing point of sales data in the Retail industry?
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