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Shopper Experience - Differentiated Shopping Options

Demanding consumers expect to enjoy a smooth and in all senses satisfying shopping experience across all distribution channels. It should be simple to make a purchase with an optimum level of service and at a good price. Retail customers can go shopping wherever and whenever they like, so if they have a positive experience in the process, this represents an important factor for accomplishing strong customer loyalty.

To increase customer retention and loyalty, retailers need IT support, whether for handling payment transactions, documenting previous interactions, or planning the right workforce. It is always crucial to know who your customers are and what they expect from a given product or service.

SAP solutions can help you integrate and manage shopper information from multiple sources and across channels to deliver a shopping experience that offers the selection, pricing, and service that shoppers want, while achieving company sales objective.

SAP for Retail covers the key activities involved in optimizing the shopper experience, including:

  • Point-of-Sale - SAP for Retail's customizable solutions enable you to speed transactions time for checkout, increase staff productivity, and reduce fraud with centralized electronic fund transfer (EFT) processing. With point-of-sale software, you can reduce operating costs - while delivering an enhanced customer experience.
  • Store operations - SAP for Retail solutions and store management software deliver comprehensive real-time information and inventory views to store personnel that help them efficiently manage all day-to-day operations. With workload calculations based on historical shopper visit and transaction data, you can match the coverage of store resources to the calculated demand, to deliver the right service levels at the right cost.
  • Catalog and e-Commerce management - SAP solutions provide the tools to create and manage content and campaigns for your online business.
  • Call center management - SAP solutions give retailers an effective way to manage call centers and deliver excellent service at reasonable costs - without sacrificing the human touch - and drive future revenue, turning customer experience into profits.
  • Multichannel customer service - SAP for Retail's multichannel retailing software can help retailers deliver personalized multichannel experiences - enabling you to provide information on products and services across channels, in-store services to help with product selection, personalized selling, and targeted marketing.
  • Workforce management - SAP for Retail provides a centrally-directed solution to track staff time and attendance and maximize staff productivity through effective scheduling in each store.
  • Customer loyalty management - SAP for Retail can help you centralize sales information to gain insight into shopper's habits and preferences, enabling you to use individual preferences to reward buying history, express gratitude, and target promotions to influence future sales.

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