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"SAP Business Process Expert Certified" Wiki


Welcome to the "SAP Business Process Expert Certified" Wiki!This space is meant to share all information, both within and outside SAP, on the new Certification program for Business Process Expert, based on SAP BPM blended with SOA approach.  
Contributions from all Community members, BPX user groups and all interested parties are more than welcome!

SAP Business Process Expert Certification Program

The program for Certified Business Process Expert (BPX) has been launched following the new comprehensive approach to Business Process Management blended with SOA developed by SAP, leveraging on extensive internal and customer experience on processes and technology optimization. The new SAP BPM blended with SOA approach is based on the following 4 deliverables: 1. SAP BPM Governance, 2. the new SAP BPM Methodology, 3. SAP BPM technology (see next section for details on all 3 topics) and 4. SAP BPX Certification.

For more details on SAP BPX Certification, please access the Skills and Education page of the BPX Community.

Updated training dates and news can be also be found in the specific blue box on the right "BPX Certified Training Info".

For practical details on how to attend the new BPM training and certification, go to the SAP Learning Catalog.

SAP PartnerEdge BPM Consulting Initiative

SAP announces the BPM Consulting Initiative at PartnerEdge with a webinar featuringspeakers Ann Rosenberg, Global Head of SAP\'s BPM Practice, and Greg Chase, Director of Platform Marketing from SAP to discuss the market outlook for BPM consulting for SAP Service Partners.
Partners that participate in the PartnerEdge BPM Consulting Initiative can expect the following benefits:

  • Increased awareness as leading expert in BPM among SAP customers
  • Increased lead flow and sales opportunities for BPM engagements
  • Closer cooperation with SAP sales and marketing

Partners are rewarded for participating in the program in any of the following ways:

  • BPM Certification - completing SAP BPX certifications for their staff
  • BPM Joint Sales
  • BPM Joint Marketing
  • BPM Community participation (Present at conferences, BPX contributions, create sales-oriented assets)

For more details go to SAP PartnerEdge BPM Consulting Initiative.


In the next sctions you will find info on the topics that are part of the SAP Business Process Expert Certified Program in order to continuously enhance the skills and expertise acquired during the Certification Program:

1. BPM Governance        2. BPM Methodology        3. BPM Technology



Book "BPM - The SAP Roadmap"        BPM Evolution

The Business Process Organization   

The role of Business Process Expert



Regional Page - EMEA                     Regional Page - APJ      

Regional Page - North America    Regional Page - Latin America






  1. Guest

    How do I register and how much does the following training and certification ?

    SAP BPM certification for the Business Process Expert for Associate

    08.12.08 - 18.12.08

    Philadelphia, US


    Enrique Vignau

    Monterrey Mexico

  2. Answers to education questions can be found on the SAP Education website or asked in the SAP Certified Professionals forum under Community Discussions.  I've forwarded the question to SAP Education about this specific offering.

  3. Hi Enrique, thanks for the suggestion!

    We have addedd a dedicated session on how to subscribe and costs in the wiki.


  4. Guest


    Just got the book and one quick minor question.....Why is the picture of the bike around the wrong way?

  5. Hi team,

    Is there another name or label for this certification at SAP Education?

    Would you recommend take the test somewhere else?