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News from Oct 30, 2008

The Sap Mentors will be represented in Shanghai byLantao Yang, and here is the list of SAP Mentors attending TechEd Bangalore.

Greg Prickril delivers a Keynote at the first SAP Insider BPM2008 event in Marseille
What is a business process? 

Access the video from Greg Prickril.

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  • The Go-Live Assistance Service is now generally available: learn how to position and how to deliver.
  • The Go-Live Navigator, a powerful but simple project planning tool, is now available and replaces the project schedule accelerator. Download it NOW and start using it TODAY  for both Go-Live Execution and Go-Live Assistance
  • The Go-Live Execution Service has been enhanced with new workshop material. Old material is discontinued. Download it NOW and start using it TODAY! 
  • The Go-Live Services wiki is now availble as a one-stop shop for all services relevant material and is connected with the methodology wiki.
  • New/ updated accelerators as well as standardized milestones are available in the Go-Live Methodology  

Go-Live Assistance

After a successful pilot and go-live in North America and very positive feedback from both Service Advisers and the customers, we are proud to announce the general availability of the Go-Live Assistance Service. 

  • The Go-Live Assistance Service targets the optimal balance between cost management and risk management. Customers manage their project with their own resources, while SAP experts guide them team and verify key project deliverables along the way.
  • The Go-Live Assistance Service is the right solution for customers who want to control total implementation cost by managing the project with internal resources; minimize project risks by having SAP experts verify project deliverables.
  • The Go-Live Assistance Service provides a dedicated Go-Live Adviser, who assists and guides the customer on all major project activities, mainly from off-site. 

Online training sessions will be run for each region: invitations will be sent out in the next days. In addition, a new e-learning unit is available in Power Point format and will be in the Business Center Learning Map in the next two weeks.

Tools and delivery material as well as instructions are available in the Go-Live Services wiki (see below) in the Business Center. Customer facing material is in the process of being translated in the relevant languages and will be made available in the next month. 

Go-Live Navigator

The Go-Live Navigator is a new Excel based, powerful, but simple project scheduling and monitoring accelerator. Originally built to support GLA customers with limited project management experience, it was meant to provide them with a simple, intuitive and graphical tool to track their go-live project.  Following its popularity and success among the Service Advisers it has been extended to support GLE and is now ready for general usage. Instructions are embedded and it will be provided in all relevant languages.

It will replace the project schedule accelerator which will no longer be supported except for those running projects that are still using it. The Go-Live Navigator can be downloaded in English from the Methodology Wiki. The relevant translated versions will be released shortly. 

Go-Live Execution Enhancements

In addition to the Go-Live Navigator replacing the project schedule, all workshop material has been revisited and enhanced and is now available to you in the Go-Live Services wiki (see below). We will continue to enhance it and notify you when updates are available.

The previous material will be retired and maintenance discontinued at the end of this week except for those running projects that are actively using it: all Service Advisers and Project Managers are encouraged to use the new material: the e-learning unit has been updated and is available in Power Point format: it will be in the Business Center Learning Map in the next two weeks. 

Go-Live Services wiki

After the great success of the Methodology wiki and the raving feedback from you (more then 1300  hits in the first week including partners), we have decided to expand the concept to the GLE and GLA material and establish a wiki area to expose tools and delivery materials as well as tips and tricks:  the BROKEN: Go-Live Services wiki. While this first version essentially provides a list of documents to download and replace the Knowledge Repository, the next release will include delivery guidance and enhancements based on your feedback. As much as the methodology wiki, the Go-Live Services wiki  will be accessible to partners too, thus increasing our reach.

Go-Live Methodology

Several accelerators  have been updated based on regional feedback channeled via the Global Project Manager's  community and  a new set of standard milestones have been introduced to standardize project progress. They will be published early next week in the Methodology wiki.

Please take the time to review all material and tools above and do not hesitate to contact Wim van Tiel, Arne Schmidthals, Philipp Koenig, Fabio Verdiani or your regional representative within the Global Project Manager's Community for suggestions, proposal and ideas. 

The CSE Global Portfolio & Operations team