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This document provides information for the following messages that are sent from the Microsoft Azure cloud provider directly in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library:

  • Message: The requested VM tier 'Standard_H16m' for virtual appliance SAP S/4HANA 1610 (based on SAP Netweaver AS ABAP 7.51) is currently not available in 'West Europe' for this subscription. Please try another tier or deploy to a different location..

Description: The required virtual machines of the solution instance cannot be created in the selected region. Please submit a support ticket with the Microsoft Azure Support to request the required VM sizes. Usually the H-series family is not enabled by default for Azure classic deployments. For more information, see this link.

  • MessageThe subscription policy limit for resource type 'cores count' was exceeded. The limit for resource type 'cores count' is 20 per subscription, the current count is 1, and the requested increment is 32.

DescriptionThe solution requires bigger VM sizes to run properly. So if you would like to continue, you will have to increase the cores quota in your subscription. For more information, see this blog Understanding Azure Limits and Increases.

  • Message: The location constraint is not valid.

Description: The required virtual machines of the solution instance cannot be created in the selected region. Please create a new solution instance in another region. If the problem persists, you could contact the Azure Support.

  • Message:The subscription is in a disabled state.

Description: The subscription could be disabled if you cancelled the subscription at sometime during processing or you might be using a time-boxed subscription like AzurePaas. Please submit a support ticket with the Azure Support.

  • Message: The server failed to authenticate the request. Verify that the certificate is valid and is associated with this subscription.

Description: Please test the connection with the Microsoft Azure cloud provider by choosing the account details in SAP Cloud Appliance Library and then choose Cloud Provider -> Test Connection.

If you have no connection with the cloud provider, you have to generate a new management certificate for this account by choosing Renew in the same account settings. The system generates a new certificate for your SAP Cloud Appliance Library account and displays the Renew Management Certificate dialog box. Note that you have to manually complete the following steps to use this SAP Cloud Appliance Library account:

    • Save the management certificate locally as an internet security file (.CER file extension).
    • Upload the certificate to your subscription in the Microsoft Azure portal. For more information on how to upload the certificate, see the cloud provider documentation.

  • Message: The account being accessed does not have sufficient permissions to execute this operation.

Description For such problem, it certainly means you have some issues with Windows Azure subscription. You can go to Windows Azure Management Portal and you may be able to verify that your Account is disabled. You could contact Windows Azure Billing Team and get your subscription issue sorted out and after that this problem will be resolved.

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