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This document is a collection of business and process related questions and their respective answers for SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) which can be accessed without any fee by everyone. However, there are questions around the support entitlement for the management console (the website) itself, the possibility to go into production, the content that is provided, how the SAP Cloud Appliance Library Subscription works, etc. This is a living document and will be extended with new questions and answers once they arise. Some general information on CAL and why there is a Subscription fee can be found in this blog: What is this CAL subscription fee about?

If you are looking for the technical FAQ, please navigate to this page.

Which support entitlement do I have for the website of

To use SAP Cloud Appliance Library you simply need to connect your browser to the above mentioned URL. If you access it for the first time you accept the Terms and Conditions (consequently called "Terms"). I would advise you to read these Terms before accepting because Section 13 states: SUPPORT: Under this Agreement SAP does not provide any support services for the Services. For a web site that is free of charge that is a common statement.

However, once you purchase the SAP Cloud Appliance Library Subscription the situation changes dramatically. The Subscription comes with an additional support entitlement for the website and it is too much to list it in this paragraph. You can of course review the current Terms and Conditions of the Subscription (without purchasing it) when navigating to the corresponding SAP Store entry where you need to open the Pricing section (after scrolling down a little bit). 

Which support entitlement do I have when using a solution in CAL?

The support entitlement for each solution also depends on a license agreement similar to the website. Looking at how the list of Solutions in SAP Cloud Appliance Library is currently structured there are two different types of Solutions: 1) “Free Trials” (Trial & Developer Editions) and 2) the Solutions in the Subscription.

The support for the “Free Trials” is given to you through the license agreement (which are the Terms) of the corresponding solution. You have to accept these Terms before you can use the Trial / Developer solution. There is a paragraph in the Terms that clearly states what kind of support you can expect. For free of charge Solutions there is usually community support. But in order to make sure please read the Terms carefully.

The Subscription itself first of all provides additional support entitlement for the website; we clarified that in the section above already. However, what about the support for the particular Solutions which are part of the Subscription? CAL operates in a BYOL model where a license check is performed before you can start an instance of a Solution. The support entitlement of the particular Solution itself is tied to the perpetual license you already have purchased (on paper for example). If this license gives you production support on the cloud provider platform you are about to start an instance then you have that covered. You may have to check additional SAP notes in order to find additional hints on the particular configuration if you run in the cloud. 

What are the “sizing” options for the CAL Subscription Package?

The metric for the CAL Subscription is “No. of Instances per month”. The minimum subscription on SAP Store is 1 instance for 3 months but if you increase the number of instances or duration when adding the Subscription Package  to your shopping cart, volume pricing will be applied automatically. 

What does "1 instance" mean in the standard CAL Subscription Package?

With your first 1 instance Subscription of SAP Cloud Appliance Library you will unlock the entire Library and get access to all the Solutions for which the company of your S-User has purchased a valid product license. Once the library is unlocked the 1 instance Subscriptions entitles you to have 1 running instance of any of the Solutions in the Library. For example you could run and work on a HANA Platform edition from 6-8 in the morning and suspend it when finished. Then at 11 you start an instance of the Fiori system and suspend it around 3pm. In the evening you may want to have a running IDES system which you suspend shortly before midnight. Although you were using three different Solutions you always had only 1 instance active at a time. And this is what you can do with the 1 instance Subscription. Once you have the need to have more instances running simultaneously you need to purchase more Subscriptions.

Is it possible to start more instances than purchased via subscription and what is the impact?

We do not prevent you from starting more instances than purchased through the CAL subscription package. Because we know that sometimes you just have the urgent need to have more instances running on very short notice (e.g. your manager is asking for an important demo to the managing board and there is no time to purchase the proper entitlement from SAP). However, in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library Backend we constantly monitor the proper matching of entitlement with the real consumption. We will notify you at the end of a month in case of an over use of instances and discuss possible solutions with you to satisfy and match your requirements (e.g. extension of your CAL subscriptions). 

CAL operates in a BYOL model. Does that mean that you install the SAP license into the appliances?

No, we don't do that. This is how it works. All solutions in the library come with a 30-day temporary license key code installed. This allows you to start working with the SAP product right away (you won't be able to start solutions where your company doesn't have a proper product license). During the first 30 days after initial startup you need to install the valid license key for the product yourself (e.g. via transaction /nslicense on ABAP systems). You can fetch SAP license keys from the SAP Service Marketplace. 

Does purchasing an SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription package automatically renew the product license keys of my SAP Cloud Appliance Library instances?

To continue using your SAP Cloud Appliance Library instance beyond the 30-day free trial license agreement, you would need two prerequisites that have different scope and validity period:

  • The first prerequisite is the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription – it covers the delivery service, not the delivered SAP on-premise software. When purchasing the subscription, you can decide how many active solution instances you want to have at once. You can even mix and match the different SAP Cloud Appliance Library solutions within a subscription period if the number of active instances at any given time does not exceed the number covered by your subscription. Note that the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription does not include any application licenses.
  • The second prerequisite are the product licenses for the delivered SAP software. SAP Cloud Appliance Library uses a bring-your-own-license model – you must bring valid licenses for the SAP products contained in SAP Cloud Appliance Library solution that you would like to use. Note that every SAP Cloud Appliance Library solution instance is created with temporary product license keys for the SAP on-premise software. You need to update all these product license keys with new ones to avoid locking the SAP system and disruption of your work.

To summarize, the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription and the SAP product licenses are independent of each other and extending your SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription does not automatically renew the SAP product license keys in your SAP Cloud Appliance Library instance.

To update the license keys on your SAP Cloud Appliance Library instance, generate new ones (like you would do for any other SAP on-premise software) and apply them manually on the instance. A complete list of the license keys that need to be generated and applied can be found in the “License” section in the Getting Started Guide of the corresponding SAP Cloud Appliance Library solution. You need to apply the license keys on the SAP Cloud Appliance Library instance in the same order as they are listed in the table. For more information, check this page 

Will the CAL Subscription renew automatically?

Each SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription will be renewed automatically for the same period as the initial subscription term unless it is terminated.  

How can I terminate the CAL Subscription?

You can terminate the subscription effective upon the end of the initial term or any renewal term by notifying SAP at least 30 days prior to the end of the current term. If you have purchased your subscription on , go to SAP Store -> My Account -> Subscriptions and then cancel the subscription. Otherwise contact us at .

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