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Which Trial offerings are available with the SAP Cloud Appliance Library?

A complete list of all current trial offerings available with the SAP Cloud Appliance Library can be viewed in this page.

Why do I have to provide a Amazon AWS account for a Free Trial offering?

All Trial offerings available via the SAP Cloud Appliance Library are coming with a trial license for the software, but the underlying infrastructure is using Amazon AWS service and the appliances are being provisioned in Amazon AWS and therefore you have to provide your Amazon AWS account details.

What is the cost for using one of the Free Trial offerings?

Each of the offered trial solutions are being provisioned in Amazon AWS and use different instance sizes. For each of the trial offerings we created a “Getting Started” guide, which outlines the used instance sizes and the associated costs.

In addition you will also see estimated costs, which is calculated based on the current hourly rates, when you start the instance for your trial.

Which use cases are supported by Trial Solutions offered by SAP Cloud Appliance Library?

All trial offerings come with pre-defined scenarios and are focusing on showing you the new features and functions of the SAP Software. The trial offerings can be used to learn more about the SAP software and to evaluate how the software could help to fulfill your requirements.

Which use cases are NOT supported by Trial solutions offered by SAP Cloud Appliance Library?

The trial solutions are not designed to provide you with an environment for typical prototype or proof of concept or a sandbox environment. In case you have the need for such a landscape, you should take a look at the paid solutions as part of the SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

Can I apply my own license keys to the trial solutions?

No. The trial offerings come with pre-configured, 30 day license keys and cannot be used to apply your own licenses keys.


Can I use a trial offering and share it with multiple users?

No. The trial solution is tied to the user and account that started the trial solution and accepted the corresponding Terms and Conditions. You cannot use a trial solution to host a multi-user training or workshop.

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