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17 January 2018

Solution instances come with patched SUSE Linux OS

On January 17th all solutions were updated with a new SUSE Linux OS image. Consequently the recommendations from the previous update are not required for virtual machines with SUSE Linux OS created via SAP Cloud Appliance Library after January 17th.
Note: The recommendations are still valid for virtual machines created before this date and for virtual machines with other OS.


03 January 2018

Securing solution instances from recently disclosed CPU vulnerability

On January 3rd was disclosed a hardware-based security vulnerability on modern computer processors. For more information, see this announcement: Project Zero blog post.

The impact for SAP Cloud Appliance Library is that for every solution instance our customers should follow the recommendations of the respective cloud provider:

  • For instances in Amazon Web Services, check this post.
  • For instances in Microsoft Azure, check this post.
  • For instances in Google Cloud Provider, check this post.


05 April 2017

Note that a security vulnerability was identified in SAP HANA user self-service features. This vulnerability affects all SAP HANA releases until SPS12PL06 and SAP HANA 2.0 SPS00. If you have enabled these features it is highly recommend to upgrade your SAP HANA database before you continue using it productively. For more information, see this SAP Note 2424173 - Vulnerabilities in the user self-service tools of SAP HANA


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