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Here are a few links for the Linux Foundation Hyperledger initiative:

Main destination web page:

Hyperledger Links (all subject to change and will require a Linux Foundation Id):

The official announcement is here:

SAP have announced tighter cooperation with Microsoft cloud - Azure:


Nov 24, 2019 update: hyperledger seems to be back github after spending some time on gerrit and getting ready for version 2.0. some, if not all, development work has also moved to Azure as can be seen here:ttps://

Also, for quite some time there are ongoing integration efforts with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as evidenced by this github page:

Dec 14, 2019 update: Attached a few presentation that i have delivered at TechEd and local events like SITNYC and PMI SNEC chapter. Look for them in the attachments section.


Disclaimer: This is open source content and has not been officially released by SAP, Linux Foundation, IBM, Microsoft or any of their affiliated logos.

Feel free to contribute and thank you SAP for hosting this content here.



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  1. wow, it's been over 2 years since i have updated this page.

    a little update then: i'm on block height 58 and since 05 Sep 2019 on this (of limited free duration) service:

    and here (totally free):

  2. an important note to keep in mind as long as it is provided for testing by SAP: 0002659925. it's for memory allocation in the cloud (foundry) of all things.